NSDL - National Securities Depository Limited

National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) is the country's largest Securities Depository which was introduced on November 8th, 1996. NSDL was originated to combat the paper-based trade settlement which was considered as an obligation for the national security. It was organized by a group of lawmakers to tackle the securities. It is a popular organization spread all over India with an average of 3586 NSDL accounts opened every day.

NSDL is mostly preferred by the people over certificates as the transaction under NSDL proves to be cheaper in comparison to certificates. It is one of the leading financial organizations of the country posing as the stakeholders as well as the promoters.


  • It is broker friendly
  • No chances of bad delivery
  • In case of mutual funds, debt instruments and equity shares, stamp duty is not required
  • Request for an address change is an easy procedure
  • Promotes paperless work with their online solutions
  • The Periodic Status Reports keeps the subscriber updated with every new information and notifications.
  • It also provides with cashless corporate benefits.
  • One can apply it on behalf of a minor with simplified Demat Shares transferring.

NSDL Services

  • Basic NSDL Services: Off-Market transfers, Market transfer with trade settlement, Account maintenance, transmission or nomination, dematerialization and rematerialization.
  • Value added services of NSDL: automatic delivery of securities, online stock lending (SPEED-e and IDeAS), cashless corporate benefits, hypothecation and pledge and with the help of online media, the brokers are allowed to exchange contract notes to custodians and fund managers.
  • NSDL Consolidated Account Statement (CAS): With the NSDL Consolidated Account Statement option, it helps the users to access all their finances online with a single demat account.