What is CIBIL/Credit Score & CIBIL Range?

Numerical expression of credit history from credit files judges your creditworthiness. CIBIL score is calculated on your credit report, set on specific algorithms. At least 6 months of historical financial data is taken into account to obtain a CIBIL score.

CIBIL Score Range

A CIBIL score can vary between 300 and 900, the latter considered the best. Here is an explanation to different CIBIL scores.

0 or -1

People with no credit history creation through loans or credit card are given the score of 0. To create a CIBIL score, you must consider taking a loan or start a credit card transaction.

350 – 550

This score is said to be bad, which also means that you have defaulted in payments, and chances of receiving credit cards or new loans are limited.

550 – 650

You are deemed as a person who has a fair share of CIBIL score that is you may be making regular payments, and can be trusted with credit cards and new loans. Your loan application may get approved

650 – 750

You are doing well, and will not face many difficulties in getting a loan or credit card. Sticking to this credit habit is advisable to reach a better score.

750 – 900

If you fall in this score range, means you are a mastermind of your finances, and are regular with your credit card payments and maintain a sound payment history. Any lender, bank, NBFC will be prepared to trust you with loans at such a score.