State Bank of Hyderabad Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

The subordinate of State Bank of India, State Bank of Hyderabad is known for providing a wide range of offers and banking services to the customers. Currently, the bank is offering the clients with fixed deposit schemes of varying tenures.

The shortest holding period for a fixed deposit is seven days which can be availed at attractive returns. However, the interest rates pegged are decided on the basis of the investment amount of a fixed deposit, the deposit period of the fixed deposit and special cases like the customer being a senior citizen or an employee of State Bank of Hyderabad.

State Bank of Hyderabad Short-Term FD Rates:

For the holding period of 7-45 days, the bank allows interest rates to be pegged at 6% per annum which is enhanced to 6.5% per annum for the holding period of 46 days to three months. Furthermore, it is enhanced by 0.25% to 6.75% per annum for the holding period of three months to six months. Moreover, the depositors can enjoy the highest rate of 7.25% per annum for the tenure of six months to one year.

State Bank of Hyderabad Medium and Long-Term FD Rates:

For the deposit period of one year to less than three years, the rate of interest is calculated at an attractive 7.5% per annum whereas; it remains the same at 7.5% per annum for the deposit period ranging between three to five years.

State Bank of Hyderabad Senior Citizen FD Rates:

Unlike other financial institutions, State Bank of Hyderabad offers the senior citizens with an additional 0.3% on the interest rates for the tenure of more than one year. This implies that the senior citizen will be benefited with the highest rate of 8.05% per annum whereas, the lowest being 6.3% per annum. Moreover, the best rates can be availed for the holding period of 1-3 years.