Bank of Baroda Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Bank of Baroda has come up with some impressive fixed deposit schemes for its customers. This public sector bank is offering short-term, medium-term and long-term fixed deposit tenures with attractive returns although, according to the banks liquidity requirements and market conditions, the interest rates may vary. Stay updated fixed deposit and term deposit rates at

Moreover, if you tend to invest in some profitable products, you will find it difficult to monitor the changes, far worse when it comes to multiple holdings. Thus, knowing the BOB FD India schemes and rates are important to gauge the investment viability.

The updated list of Bank of Baroda FD Rates for less than 1 Crore is mentioned below:

Tenures For General w.e.f. 04.05.17
7 days to 14 days 4.50%
15 days to 45 days 4.50%
46 days to 3 months 5.75%
91 days to 6 months 6.25%
181 days to 9 months 6.50%
271 days & above and less than 1 year 6.50%
1 year 6.90%
Above 1 year and upto 2 Years 6.90%
Above 2 Years and upto 3 Years 6.75%
Above 3 Years and upto 5 Years 6.75%
Above 5 Years and upto 10 Years 6.50%

BOB Short-term FD Rates

For the tenures of seven to 45 days, the best fixed deposit rates are set at 4.5% per annum whereas; the interest rate of 5.75% per annum is for the tenures of 46 days to three months. Moreover, when you opt for the tenure of six months, the FD interest rates are set at 6.25% per annum, and for a nine-month holding, the returns increase by 0.25% to 6.50% per annum.

BOB Medium and Long-term FD Rates

The Bank of Baroda FD rates for long-term FD plan starts at the tenure of one year. The returns are set to 6.90% yearly for the holding of one to two years. On the other hand, if the holding is above two years, the BOB FD rates, India stand at 6.75%, and if it exceeds five years, the returns decrease by 0.25% to 6.50% on a yearly basis.