DARCL Logistics Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

DARCL Logistics came into the limelight when its turnover reached over 1800 crores for the year 2013-14. Since then, they are maintaining a remarkable track record in the financial sector. They have come with another lucrative offer of providing attractive fixed deposits plans to the customers. The offers they are providing come with some incredible interest rates. Initially, they are starting out by offering two types of schemes, cumulative and non-cumulative. At loanbaba.com, you will receive information about DARCL Logistics FD rates and its best fixed deposit rates, term deposit rates, and it's FD, India schemes.

DARCL Logistics FD Rates and Schemes:

  • For the tenure of six months, the customers can avail the interest rate of 9.25% yearly, and when it comes to senior citizens, they are benefitted with an extra 0.5% and hence, the can avail 9.75% for a six-month tenure.
  • For the tenure of one year, the FD interest rates are pegged at 9.5% per year, and for the senior citizens, it jumps to 10% per annum.
  • For the tenures between six months and one year, the return is calculated at 9.5% yearly, and the senior citizens can avail the maximum of 10% per year.
  • Moreover, with two-year tenure, the customer can avail the return of 10.5% per annum whereas; the senior citizens can enjoy 11.5% interest rate per annum.
  • For three-year tenure, the customer can earn the return of 11% per annum, and it hikes by 0.5% to become 11.5% when it comes to senior citizens.

Non-Cumulative Scheme and FD Rates, India by DARCL Logistics:

  • For the holding term between six months to one year, the availed interest rate is at 9.25% per annum.
  • Moreover, for the holding period between one and two years, the interest rates can be pegged at 9.5% yearly and 10% per year for the senior citizens.
  • For the tenure of more than two years but less than three years, the interest calculated is at 9.5% per annum.
  • And, those with tenure of three years, the return rates are calculated at 10.5% per year.