Catholic Syrian Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

With its presence across the whole nation, Catholic Syrian Bank is offering some attractive deposits schemes with different tenures to its customers. Not only that, the bank under so many other schemes like tax saving deposits, fixed deposits, Acharya deposits for senior citizens and more is also providing the deposits. You will get details about best fixed deposit rates of the bank at Read further to know latest Catholic Syrian Bank FD rates and FD India schemes.

Catholic Syrian Bank short term FD rates:

For the holding period of 7-14 days, the interest rates fluctuate between 5%-7.15% per annum and for the holding period of 15-29 days; the interest rates can be pegged at 5% per annum. Moreover, there is a sudden enhancement 1.65% on the returns making it 6.65% when the holding term is of 2-3 months. The best rates of 7.15% on a short-term can be availed for the tenures of 6 months to one year.

Catholic Syrian Bank medium and long term deposit rates:

For the holding period of more than 364 days but less than 399 days, one can avail attractive FD interest rates of 7.60% per annum. Moreover, if you want to opt for a fixed tenure, you can avail the tenure of 400 days with the highest return rate of 7.75% per annum, which is basically the highest offering among the bank's products. However, for the tenure of more than 401 days up to 10 years, one can avail 7.60% returns per annum.

Catholic Syrian Bank Senior citizen FD rates:

Catholic Syrian Bank's senior citizen FD rates fall under the Acharya deposits for senior citizens scheme where the returns range between 7.65%-8.25%. Moreover, for the holding period of six months to one year, one can avail the interest rate of 7.65% per annum which is eventually enhanced to 8.10% for the holding period between 365 days to 399 days.

One can avail the highest interest rate of 8.25% per annum for the fixed holding period of 400 days, and he/she yield 8.82% per annum from this scheme. On the other hand, for the tenures above 401 days and up to two years, the rate of interest is 8.10%. To know more about other FD rates, India, stay tuned at our website.