City Union Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

City Union Bank, since its inauguration in 1904 has served the people of India with some amazing offers and deals. Now, it has come up with fixed deposit schemes of different tenures with attractive returns to cater the needs of people. At, you will receive best deposit rates info and recent City Union Bank FD rates along with senior citizen FD interest rates, read further.

City Union Bank Short-term Fixed Deposit Rates:

The short term deposit FD scheme hovers around the holding periods of 7 days to 364 days where the returns for the regular deposits vary from 6.75% to 7.60% on a yearly basis. For the holding period of 7 days to 3 months, the returns can be pegged at 6.75% per annum. It gets extended by 0.50% to become 7.25% per annum for the holding period between 3 and six months. Moreover, for the holding terms between 6 months and one year, one can avail FD rates of 7.60% per annum.

City Union Bank Medium and Long-term Fixed Deposit Rates:

The holding period of one year or more comes under the category of medium and long-term fixed deposit FD, India scheme of this bank. On the other hand, the Non Resident External Savings Account (NRE) and Non Resident Ordinary Savings Account (NRO) also come under this scheme where the rate of interest ranges between 7.75% and 8.25%.

However, the returns for this category are almost same as for the holding period of 1 year will avail 7.60% and for the holding period of 2 years, one can avail 8%, but it will eventually get decreased to 7.75% for the holding period of more than two years.

City Union Bank Senior Citizen Rates:

This scheme is eligible for the individuals availing FD rates, India of the bank but those above 60 years of age. In this scheme, the customers can enjoy an increase of 25 percentage points compared to other. For the holding terms between 2 and three months, the returns are pegged at 6.75%, and for the holding terms between 4 and six months, one can avail 7.25%. Moreover, 7.75% is the interest rate for the tenure of 9 months. For a one year tenure period, it benefits with the highest returns of 8.50%. However, it dips to 8.25% for the tenures between one and five years.

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