DBS Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

With assured returns, DBS Bank is offering its customers with an attractive fixed deposit scheme of different tenures, short, mid and long-term. However, if you want to maintain high levels of liquidity with your account, the bank recommends for the short-term holding. At loanbaba.com, you will get all updated DBS Bank FD rates, best fixed deposit rates, FD India schemes and term deposit, FD interest rates for senior citizens as well.

DBS Bank short term FD Interest Rates:

For the holding period of one and two months, the returns can be pegged at 6% per annum and for the tenures of three and four months, the accounts are levied at 6.5% per annum. These rates are only applicable for the accounts less than Rs 1 Crore in deposits.

With the above-mentioned tenures, it is clear that the most attractive and advantageous short-term tenure is for three months, with the returns calculated at 6.5% per annum.

This short-term tenure category provides the customers with attractive interest rates for their deposits, and moreover, they can easily withdraw cash every three months.

DBS Bank medium and long term Fixed Rates, India:

The mid and long term tenures offered by DBS Bank can avail the best returns and also these are considered the most secure investment option for an individual. For the holding period of six months, the rate of interest is calculated at 6.5% per annum whereas it becomes 7% per annum for the tenure of nine months and one year. It is further extended to 7.2% for the holding period of 1 year six months.

Moreover, DBS Bank offers special returns of 7.2% per annum on the tenure between six months and one year. On the other hand, for the holding terms of two, three and four years, the interest rates are pegged at 7.1% per annum. For longer holding terms like five years, the interest rate is calculated at 7.2% and is the bank's most profitable scheme providing with the maximum possible rate for the deposits.

DBS Bank Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit interest rates:

There are no special fixed deposit plans for the senior citizens, and they can avail the same rates as everyone else.