Barclays Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Barclays Bank is among the few foreign banks that have managed to survive the Indian financial public sector market. The London-based bank came to the Indian market in the 1990s and is currently employing about 12,000 professionals. You can know all about this bank's best fixed deposit rates at

The bank has come to the limelight with its attractive fixed deposit schemes to the customers where with a minimum of Rs 10 lakhs investment, one can open a fixed deposit account.

Barclays Bank short-term FD rates:

The bank offers short-term holding of one week deposit period for the returns of 2% per annum. The rates will substantially increase with the holding period increasing, and hence, for the tenures of 8-14 days, it returns 4.25% per annum. There has been an applicable raise of 0.25% for the tenure of 15 days to 4.50% returns. Moreover, the tenures between 16 days to one month hold FD interest rates of 4.90% per annum. On the other hand, you will get 20 basis points extra for the tenures between 31-45 days making it 5.10%.

However, the basis points will be deducted by 10 points for the tenures of 46 days to less than one year, making it 5% per annum, although customer with a one-year holding can enjoy Barclays Bank FD rates of 5.25%.

Barclays Bank medium and long-term FD rates:

The bank offers higher rates for mid and long term deposit. It is applicable from one to seven years, and one can enjoy 6.25% returns for the tenures of 366-501 days, whereas it gets enhanced to 6.40% for holdings above 821 days.

Moreover, those with the tenures of 548-730 days can enjoy 6.30% per annum and those with the tenures of 731-830 days can enjoy the 6.40% on returns.

Barclays Bank senior citizen FD rates:

The bank doesn't provide with any special FD schemes for the senior citizens.

Kindly Note: The FD rates India of the bank mentioned above are on a yearly basis and is compounded quarterly.