Bandhan Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

For availing best interest rates and tenure services on fixed deposits, Bandhan Bank can provide you with a variety of fixed deposits to choose from. The FD rates applied according to the time-period of the deposit, and you can understand it in detail at Normally, the returns range from 4% to 8.5% on a yearly basis, and the short-term deposits are assigned with low returns and long-term deposits assigned with the maximum returns.

The FDs under Bandhan bank can be created under two schemes which can be held for any time-period ranging between seven days to more.

1. The premium schemes require the minimum deposit of Rs 1 Crore.

2. The regular FD schemes only require the minimum deposit of Rs 1,000/-.

Bandhan Bank FD Rates for Short-Term:

The tenure of one year will be assigned if you are opting for the short-term FD. Moreover, if the deposit you opened is only applicable between 7 to 28 days; you can earn an easy return of 4% yearly. And the tenure between 29 days to 45 days, will earn you a return of 5% yearly and if the tenure is between 46 days to three months, you will earn an easy return of 7% annually.

On the other hand, the best fixed deposit rates of 8% annually is for the long-duration tenure of three months to six months, and if it is more than six months, you will earn 8.25%.

Bandhan Bank Long and Medium Term FD Rates, India

The highest interest rate offered by the bank is 8.5% and is applicable for long term and medium term deposit for the tenures of one to two years. It doesn't matter whether the deposit account is for one year to just under two years, the FD interest rates will remain the same. Moreover, the interest rate will not vary even if the deposit is for the tenures of one year to two years.

Bandhan Bank Senior Citizen FD Rates

The senior citizens will get 0.5% extra from the above-mentioned interest rates for their FDs. Therefore, the senior citizens can enjoy the maximum of 9% returns on their deposits annually for the tenures of 1-2 years. Whereas, the lowest returns for the tenures of 7-28 days will be 4.5% annually.

Going through all the FD, India schemes of Bandhan Bank, the best suitable tenure for an individual to open will be of 1-2 years. Moreover, the interest rates may vary according to the liquidity needs and market conditions of the bank, and it will not provide the customers with any prior notice regarding it.