Bajaj Finance Limited Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Bajaj Finance Limited is considered to be one of the leading NBFCs in the private sector. It features a number of fixed deposit schemes which have attractive interest rates. Retail fixed deposits are offered by the company to the investors who are in search of maximum returns acting on their savings through a safe channel so that they don't have to undertake any undue risks.

These FDs are provided to a number of investors, and you can get all information at They offer rates of interest which are competitive under not only the cumulative options but under the non-cumulative ones as well. Hence they offer advantages of savings and liquidity.

Crisil rated BajajFinance Limited FD Rates FAAA, whereas ICRA rated them MAAA thereby presenting the highly-secured nature of them.

Here is the updated list of the FD Rates for both the Regular & Senior Citizens, offered by Bajaj Finance Limited:

Up to Amount (in Rs.) Period Regular FD Rates, India Rates for Senior Citizens for FD
One Crore 12 to 23 months 7.80% 8.05%
One Crore 24 to 35 months 8 % 8.25%
36 to 60 months 8.05% 8.30%

The Deposit Tenures:

The term deposit period can vary in between one to five years. The savings based on any requirement (personal or liquidity) can be deposited by the customers by opting for a suitable FD, India tenure.

FD Interest Rates

Bajaj Finance brings forth attractive interest rates on the various FDs according to the conditions of the general market. The rates of interest favour comparatively against the peers who make them the products of choice for the various investors. FDs of high value and those of senior citizens are offered preferential rates.

FD Accounts Taxability:

Deposits are not tax saver. Moreover under Income Tax Act, 1961 provisions, taxes are applied on the interest.

Special Best Fixed Deposit Rates for Senior Citizens:

Once the senior citizens put forth their age proof, Bajaj Finance provides considerably higher rates for them. However, this provision can be revised by the company any time.