PNB Dugna Fixed Deposit Scheme

For the past 120 years, Punjab National Bank has been providing the customers with all the necessary banking solutions. And with its new deposit product branded under PNB Dugna Fixed Deposit Scheme provides the opportunity to double the money in 109 months along with the interest which is compounded quarterly.

PNB Dugna Fixed Deposit Scheme Eligibility Criteria:

  1. It can be either opened as a single or a joint account.
  2. Moreover, the guardians can step forward if any minor wan to open an account. However, the minor must age below 10 years, and if he/she is above 10, then additional proofs are required to be submitted to the bank.
  3. The Non-Resident Indian can open a Non-Resident Ordinary Savings Account under this scheme.
  4. Small groups and organizations like educational institutions, charitable institutions, trusts, HUFs and more can open the fixed deposit account.
  5. The minimum balance requirement of Rs.5,000/- should be maintained to make sure that the account is still active and running.

PNB Dugna Fixed Deposit Scheme Features:

Account Type



Minimum: Rs.5000/- in multiples of Re.1/- and up to Rs.1 crore/ day/customer.

Rate of Interest

Under the PNB Dugna Fixed Deposit Scheme, the rate of interest is calculated at 7.75% per annum which is compounded quarterly.


Minimum: 99 Months


The bank will issue a TDS certificate for the tax deducted

Loan against Punjab National Bank - PNB Dugna Fixed Deposit Scheme

PNB Dugna Fixed Deposit Scheme provides the depositor with loan against the bank and overdraft facility.

Nomination (if any)


Auto Renewals

The scheme remains active until any premature withdrawal is made.

Period of Deposit

The Maximum period for which the deposit is made is 109 Months. 

PNB Dugna Fixed Deposit Scheme Interest Rates:


Interest rate for senior citizens

Interest rate for others

365 Days but less than 730 Days

7.75% + 0.50%


More than 730 Days but less than 60 Months

7.75% + 0.50%


More than 60 Months but less than 120 Months

7.75% + 0.50%