LIC Housing Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

LIC HFL or LIC Housing is one of the primary financial institutions in the country which mainly provides housing finance to its customers. Public deposits are also accepted by the company. CRISIL has given the rating FAAA/Stable to the fixed deposit schemes offered by the company and that makes it a preferred & safe option for savings. The company provides attractive rates of interest on its FD schemes.

At, we will share updated information about best fixed deposit rates, FD India schemes of the bank and LIC Housing FD rates over all tenures for fixed deposit and term deposit. You will also come to know about popular FD rates, India by the bank for 2017 and FD interest rates that are the highest.

Here is given an updated list for the fixed deposit annual rates offered by LIC Housing to its regular and senior citizens:

Time Duration Regular Rates of Interest on FDs Rates of Interest on FDs for Senior Citizens
12 Months 7.3 % 7.4 %
18 Months 7.35 % 7.45 %
24 Months 7.5 % 7.6 %
36 Months 7.5 % 7.6 %
60 Months 7.50 % 7.6 %

LIC Housing FD India Rates for Short Term:

The rates offered by the company for short durations FDs are very lucrative.

An interest rate of 8% is offered on the deposits made from one year to 1.6 years. The company compounds the returns on half yearly basis.

LIC Housing FD Rates for Long Term:

The rate of interest offered on the FDs having tenure of two years is 8.10%.

For deposits made for three and four years the interest rate offered is 8.15%.

FD schemes with five years period yield the highest interest rate of 8.25%.

LIC Housing FD Rates India for Senior Citizens:

Senior citizens are offered 0.25% higher rates on the deposits of more than 51,000 Rupees. The depositor gets returns ranging between 8.25% and 8.50% by this.