HDFC Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Fixed deposits offered by HDFC bank can be devided into three categories as per their durations or tenors. All these FDs are designed to fulfil the needs of the individuals. The time duration of these FDs play the crucial role in deciding the rates of interest on them. This interest is compounded quarterly. At, we inform you about popular HDFC Bank FD rates, recent FD India schemes and best fixed deposit rates. You will also learn about varying FD interest rates as per fixed deposit and term deposit duration. Get to know updated FD rates, India by HDFC bank.

HDFC Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates for Short Period:

You can have a FD in the bank for a short term that ranges from thirty days to nine months. The annual interest rates for different durations are given below:

  • One month- 5.50%
  • Two to three months - 6.25%
  • Four to six months- 6.50%
  • Nine months- 6.75%

HDFC Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates for Medium & Long Period:

FDs for medium and long time durations can also be availed by the customers. The duration can range from one year to five years and the annual interest rate for this duration is 7.25%. The interest is compounded every quarter.

HDFC Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates for Senior Citizens:

Senior citizens can enjoy 0.5% higher interest rates as compared to the fixed rates. According to this, on short period deposits, the lowest and highest annual interest rates are 6% and 7.75% respectively.

Individuals who want to get maximum benefit from a short duration deposits can have a FD that ranges from nine months to below one year as the highest interest rates can be availed through the deposits

But if anyone wants to have a FD for a medium or long time period, then the duration doesn't matter so much as the rates of interest won't differ for them. The bank may change the rates of interest without any prior notice as they are subject to change.