Dhanalakshmi Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Fixed deposits offered by Dhanalakshmi Bank come with interesting options for deposit tenures and interest rates. However, the rates provided by the Bank are subject to change according to the bank's liquidity requirements and market conditions and tracking these changes can be very hard for people looking to invest their savings in the most profitable product.

At loanbaba.com, we will inform you about best fixed deposit rates, updated Dhanalakshmi Bank FD rates; senior citizen fixed deposit and term deposit FD rates, FD India schemes of Dhanalakshmi Bank and a lot more.

Dhanalakshmi Bank Short Term FD Interest Rates:

For the short-term holding, Dhanalakshmi Bank offers some attractive returns on the deposits. For the holding period between 7-45 days, the rate of interest is calculated at 5% per annum, and it gets a raise by 1.5% to 6.5% per annum for the tenures between 46-91 days. The returns are eventually increased by 0.25% to 6.75% per annum for the tenures between 91-179 days. On the other hand, the highest rate offered by the bank is 7% per annum for the holding period between six months to one year.

Dhanalakshmi Bank Medium and Long-Term FD rates:

Dhanalakshmi Bank offers 7.60% returns per year on all the tenures stated above one year and to three years. The rates get eventually dropped by 0.10% to 7.50% per annum for the holding period of three years and up to ten years. This FD Rate India is best suitable for those individuals who are looking forward to investing their funds for a long period of time. For the short-term deposits, the returns represent a 0.60% hike in the maximum rate offered.

Dhanalakshmi Bank Senior Citizen FD rates:

Senior citizens indulged with Dhanalakshmi Bank are given 0.5% extra on existing interest rates across all the schemes putting returns in the range of 5.5% per annum to 8.10% per annum. This provides an opportunity for the senior citizens who are looking get the maximum out of their deposits.