How to Get a Credit Card without a Job?

Credit cards without a job are difficult to avail, yet work as a powerful tool to make payments even when you are short of funds. Banks offer credit cards on the basis of trust. Thus, a person needs to have a good credit history with a steady income to avail a credit card. The person may even have a question as to how to get credit card without a job. Usually, the customer's monthly income works as a proof of repayments of credit dues. And yes, the credit cards are entirely legal.

The legal loopholes

Salary and Income – a thought-provoking math game

Every salary is an income, but every income is not necessarily a salary. Income from property, a steady cash flow from your shares, fixed deposit income, trust money are some sources of income that aren't a part of the salary. While credit cards can be availed on a steady income, a person having no salary can surely avail a job loan or a credit card.

One can even avail a credit card if they have jobs in India or financial support from their parents or guardians. Think of some more scenarios that shall fetch you a steady income without regularly working.

Your part in family finance decisions matters

Especially in the case of stay-at-home spouses; they have an equal right to the household income if they are involved in the family decisions. Thus, they can certainly apply for a credit card or apply for loan.

Income from other sources

Many banks offer customers to put in grants, legal compensation, alimony, child support as income. The best part about these is they need not require being reported.


Many people these days work hard in their 20s and 30s at job, while at the age of 40s, they retire. People can still avail credit cards showing their income related papers.

Teaming with a co-signer

Usually, parents choose to make their child a co-signer. These are usually children who are studying in another city or country. Though the other party is responsible for the credit card debts or loan, like the party not earning, the income of the first party can be leveraged for this purpose.

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