SBI SimplyCLICK Advantage Credit Card

SimplyCLICK Advantage SBI Card Details
Annual Fee and Renewal Fee Rs. 499
Reward Points 1 reward point per Rs. 100 spent
  • Welcome gift
  • Renewal fee reversal
  • Easy money
  • Add-on card
  • Flexipay
  • Utility bill payment
  • Balance transfer
  • Fuel surcharge waiver
  • e-shopping rewards
  • Cleartrip milestone rewards
  • Urbanclap, BookMyShow, Amazon, and other offers
  • Contactless Payment

SBI SimplyCLICK Advantage Credit Card is mainly for e-shopping rewards. You earn 1 reward point (RP) on spending Rs. 100 every time. It has a host of partners to redeem the rewards at. You can get an add-on card for your spouse, sibling, parents, and children of age 18 years and older. You can pay utility bills, make balance transfers, get Rs. 500 worth welcome gifts, enjoy discounted travel, and a lot more. This State Bank of India Credit Card helps you to convert purchases into easy and affordable EMIs.

In this post, we will cover the features of SimplyCLICK Advantage Credit Card in detail, along with the fees and charges, and FAQs.

Features of SBI SimplyCLICK Advantage Card

Here are the features of this SBI Credit Card:

1) Log-in Gift/Welcome Gift

Here are the offer details on SBI SimplyCLICK Advantage Card

  • You will receive Rs. 500 worth Gift Card on joining
  • To avail of this offer, you need to pay a one-time fee (for the eligible year) as annual membership (Rs. 499)
  • You will get the voucher code on your registered mobile number within 30 days of paying the Rs. 499 membership fees
  • The voucher is valid for 12 months from adding it to Amazon Pay

2) Fuel Surcharge Waivers

Know more about SimplyCLICK Advantage SBI Card fuel surcharge offer:

  • Avail of 1% fuel surcharge waiver on a transaction between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3,000 every time
  • Per credit card account get a maximum waiver of Rs. 100 in every statement cycle

3) Easy Money

Here is more about SBI SimplyCLICK Advantage Card:

  • In the Easy Money facility, you can get a cheque or draft against the cash limit
  • The same is easily delivered by the bank on your doorstep
  • You can book Easy Money from the website

4) Details of e-Shopping Rewards

Go through the e-shopping RP information for SBI SimplyCLICK Advantage Card:

  • Earn 1 reward point (RP) on spending Rs. 100 every time
  • Earn 10X RPs on spending online with exclusive partners such as BookMyShow/ Netmeds/ Amazon/ Lenskart/ Cleartrip
  • Earn 5X rewards on other online spends
  • 10X RPs will apply only when the payment is in INR
  • The 5X RPs will not apply to utility bill payments done on SBI Card mobile app/website
  • Amazon Gift Card purchases will not accrue 10X RPs. Cleartrip transactions from affiliate channels will also not qualify for the same
  • You can redeem the RPs against e-Gift Vouchers from the listed rewards catalogue
  • There is a capping of 10,000 RPs in every calendar month

5) Contactless Advantage

Make a contactless payment on SimplyCLICK Advantage SBI Card and get the following benefits:

  • Simply wave your card at POS and transact easily
  • There is no need to look for cash or hand your card for small-ticket purchases
  • During the contactless payment, you do not have to leave the card from hand
  • This reduces the risk of fraud and card loss

6) Cleartrip Milestone Rewards

Know about Cleartrip rewards on using SimplyCLICK Advantage SBI Card:

  • Receive e-voucher of Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 2 lakhs on annual online spends
  • You will get the voucher code and other information by SMS on your registered mobile number
  • You can use the Gift Card for online booking on
  • Use the offer for booking flights and hotels and not on bus/train bookings
  • Enter the gift card number and pin to make the payment
  • In one single transaction, you can use up to 3 Gift Cards
  • The voucher is valid for 6 months from the purchase date

7) Utility Bill Payment Facility

Read more to know on SBI SimplyCLICK Advantage Card:

  • Quickly pay telephone, mobile, insurance, DTH, electricity, and other utility bills
  • Register the biller and provider Standing Instructions of paying bills automatically every time
  • Take help of auto-pay, fetch and pay, and investor contact points
  • Get email and SMS alerts on bill details and updates

8) Balance Transfer on EMI

Here is the facility on balance transfer for SimplyCLICK Advantage SBI Card:

  • You can save huge when paying credit card dues
  • Get the facility of transferring an outstanding balance from other banks’ credit card
  • Avail a lower interest rate and repay in easy EMIs
  • To get the benefit of this scheme, log on to

9) Flexipay

Know about Flexipay on SimplyCLICK Advantage SBI Card:

  • You can convert your transactions to monthly instalments
  • Purchase for at least Rs. 2,500 or more
  • Log in with your username and password on the website
  • Do this in 30 days of purchase for Flexipay

10) Add-on Cards

Here areSimplyCLICK Advantage SBI Card add-on Card details:

  • You can get an add-on card for your spouse, parents, siblings, and children over the age of 18
  • Avail of the service for Cash on-the-go
  • You can withdraw cash from over 1 million MasterCard or VISA ATMs across the world

SimplyCLICK Advantage SBI Card Fees and Charges

Here is detailed information on SBI SimplyCLICK Advantage Card fees and charges:

1) Annual Fees

  • A one-time annual membership fee of Rs. 499
  • Per annual renewal fee from the second year is Rs. 499
  • The renewal fee is reversed if you spent Rs. 1 lakh annual in the last year

2) Cash Advance

  • Get up to 80% of the credit limit on the card
  • Per day maximum cap for the same is Rs. 12,000
  • Finance charges are up to Rs. 25 or per month 2.5% i.e., 30% annually, whichever is higher from the withdrawal date
  • There is no free credit period

3) Cash Advance Fee

  • Charges apply for International ATM and SBI or other ATMs will apply
  • The charges are 2.5% of the transaction amount
  • This fee is subject to a minimum of Rs. 500

4) Late Payment

  • There are no charges for the due amount up to Rs. 500
  • For dues between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000, the charge is Rs. 400
  • For dues between Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 10,000, the charge is Rs. 750
  • For dues over Rs. 10,000, then the charge is Rs. 950

5) Extended Credit for

  • 20 to 25 days is the interest-free credit period
  • This applies to retail purchases only if the outstanding balance is fully paid in previous months
  • On minimum due, pay 5% of the entire due amount
  • This is subject to Rs. 200 + taxes + EMI or Overdraft
  • From the transaction date, the finance charges are 2.5% per month or 30% per year or up to Rs. 25, whichever is higher

6) Surcharge

  • Rs. 30 + 2.5% of transaction amount for railway tickets through railway counters
  • If you book through then you have to pay 1.8% of the transaction amount along with the service charge
  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver for transactions between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3,000. This is exclusive of other applicable taxes
  • Per statement cycle, the maximum surcharge waiver per credit card is Rs. 100

7) Other Charges

  • Rs. 100 on each instance of statement retrieval, which is 2 or more months old
  • Conversion mark-up for foreign currency transaction is 3.5%
  • 2% of the amount as payment dishonour fee, subject to at least Rs. 500
  • When abroad if you need emergency card replacement then the minimum cost is $175
  • 2.5% of the amount overlimit with a minimum of Rs. 500 as fees
  • Rs. 100 for cheque pick up on SBI SimplyCLICK Advantage Card
  • Rs. 100 as cheque payment fee
  • Rs. 100 for card replacement
  • Rs. 199 as cash payment fee

Frequently Asked Questions about SBI SimplyCLICK Advantage Card

Here are the SimplyCLICK Advantage Card FAQs:

No, the welcome gift is not redeemable in parts or cash.

The transactions will be counted exclusive of GST and other charges, wherever applicable.

A balance transfer, cash advance, Flexipay, fuel transactions, and encash are not a part of the Reward Points program
The unique security key feature ensures one transaction goes through at a time.
You can use the leftover balance on the used Gift Card for reuse in the validity period.
The bank will settle the payments to the cardholder’s account according to the Minimum Due Amount. This includes EMI + taxes + 5% total outstanding.
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