HDFC Business Gold Credit Card

Although there are various genuinely exciting money-saving credit cards available today, the HDFC Business Gold Credit Card is extremely popular as it provides tempting saving rates in big expense categories like shopping, dining, and travel. In exchange of a nominal yearly, fee of INR 199. You can know about it at The cardholder enjoys incredible cashback offers at petrol pumps, supermarkets, train bookings, and flight bookings.


  • A cardholder can enjoy huge business savings of up to INR 21,000, per annum.
  • Savings and rebates up to INR 18,000 on utility bill payments, train tickets (reserved via, and flight tickets, every year.
  • A cardholder can avail a yearly waiver of up to INR 3000 annually on fuel purchases via the Business Gold Credit Card.
  • Minimal HDFC business gold credit card fees.
  • If the cardholders register themselves at SmartPay via this card, online payments become convenient while saving.
  • Expenditure of INR 15,000 in a year, prior to the renewal date of the card, helps in getting the renewal charges of INR 199 (plus taxes) waived off.

HDFC Business Gold Credit Card Features:

1. Business saving:

  • HDFC has a wide range of partner tie-ups with several domestic airlines. This enables a cardholder to receive up to 1% cashback (upper limit being INR 500) on flight tickets that are booked online. Same applies for payments of utility bills.
  • The cardholders can enjoy additional charge waivers on train reservations (up to INR 500 each statement), if the booking is done via the IRCTC website.
  • A cardholder can avail waiver on additional fuel charges of up to INR 250, every statement cycle, across all petrol stations in India, for transactions from INR 400 to INR 5000. This will add up to INR 3000 annually.
  • A cardholder can save up to INR 21000 yearly for business expenses.
  • Up to Rs 18000 can be saved on utility bills, train reservations, and flight bookings.
  • The renewal fees (INR 199 + taxes) get waived if the cardholder spends Rs 15,000 throughout the year prior to the renewal date.

2. Balance Transfer: The cardholder might transfer their unsettled outstanding on their existing credit card to the bank (HDFC) and start saving without delay.

3. Loan: Loan available against the Business Gold Credit Card is an exciting feature.

4. Minimal documents required for HDFC business gold credit card.

5. HDFC business gold credit card interest rate are reasonable

6. Easy EMI facilities:

  • The cardholder can purchase a wide range of services and goods with the card, forgetting about the budget for a while.
  • HDFC has collaborated with several merchant establishments, thus enabling stress-free and convenient shopping for its customers.

7. Revolving Credit: This facility is available on this credit card at 3.15% rate of interest.

8. Travel Insurance: HDFC ERGO offers absolute peace of mind to the cardholders while they travel overseas. ERGO has a wide range of travel insurance plans available at affordable premiums.

9. Supplementary Card: This enables the cardholder's loved ones to enjoy the advantages of the credit card.

10. Sub-Limit: The sub-limit imposed on the add-on card improves control and ensures security with the option of tracking expenditures.

HDFC Business Gold Credit Card Eligibility

The principal cardholder needs to be an Indian citizen aged between 21 years and 65 years. A supplementary card cannot be given to a minor.

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