HDFC Business Corporate Money Back Credit Card

The HDFC Business Corporate MoneyBack Credit Card is perfect for businesspeople in corporate sectors. With facilities of earning up to threefold Reward Points on business expenses, this card enables HDFC cardholders in the corporate sector to spend without a problem. Read further about HDFC Business Corporate Money Back Credit Card features at

Characteristics of the HDFC Business Corporate MoneyBack Credit Card:

Corporate MoneyBack Rewards:

By making the business-related expenditures via the Business Corporate MoneyBack Credit Card, a cardholder can earn a maximum of 2 reward points, for every expense of Rs 150. Reward points can subsequently be accumulated and redeemed for air travel and exciting gifts that can be selected from a special rewards catalogue.

Reward points can also be redeemed for cash back against the amount outstanding on the credit card. E.g., 100 reward points can be redeemed for a cash back sum of Rs 30.

Accelerated Points:

If the card is used only for business expenses, it enables the cardholder to earn a maximum of threefold reward points. Each expense of Rs 150 on hotel reservations, flight bookings, restaurant bill payments, and online shopping, by using the card, the cardholder gets 6 reward points.

Validity of accumulated points:

Accumulated reward points are valid for 2 years from the date of accumulation.

Interest-free Credit:

Cardholders enjoy an interest-free credit period of a maximum of 50 days. The period begins from the time of purchase and the customer has to pay no HDFC business corporate money back credit card interest rate for more than a month.

Revolving Credit:

One can also enjoy the benefits of revolving credit at reasonable rates of interest.

Fuel Surcharge waiver:

Each fuel transaction between Rs 400 and Rs 5000 entitles the cardholder to a waiver of up to Rs 500 every statement. HDFC business corporate money back credit card fees are low.

Waiver of Yearly Charges:

If a cardholder spends Rs 10000 within the first 3 months of the card's issuance, they can enjoy a waiver on the annual membership fee for the 1st year. If the expenses are more than Rs 50000, the cardholder can avail a waiver on the following year's membership fee.

Zero Liability on Lost Card:

If the card is lost, the 24 x 7 call centre of the HDFC bank must be intimated. After making the complaint, the cardholder has no liability on unlawful transactions made via the card.


The card is chip-enabled and can be used at every chip-enabled POS. It can also be swiped at any standard non-chip POS.

Lounge Access:

A cardholder can enjoy special access to airport lounges throughout the country.


This Corporate variant offered by HDFC provides exclusive benefits like:

  • A cardholder can earn cash back of Rs 2000 by using the accumulated reward points. The cash back can be earned only if the cardholder spends Rs 2.5 lakh via the card and only if 50% of these expenditures are business-related.
  • If the cardholder spends up to Rs 20000 per month on fuel, he/she can save up to Rs 6000 per year with the fuel surcharge waiver.

To learn about HDFC business corporate money back credit card eligibility and documents required for HDFC bank distributor credit card, contact the bank or stay updated at

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