HDFC Bank Distributor Credit Card

Are you looking for a perfect Credit Card, with a huge distribution network, for Corporate? The HDFC Bank Distributor Card is ideal for you, and you can know more about it at! The card helps corporates manage and monitor their funds, while reducing the receivable period. Corporates using this card no longer need to use cheques or cash.

Important Points of HDFC Bank Central Travel Account Credit Card:

  • The Card offers convenient payment options.
  • It improves cash flow management.
  • It lowers the average time of receivables.
  • It is possible to customize the program according to needs.

HDFC Bank Distributor Credit Card Features and Advantages

  • This card helps corporates manage the cash flow by helping them with financial influx when required.
  • It reduces the receivables duration and thus is quite beneficial for corporates.
  • HDFC bank distributor credit card interest rate is low.
  • It allows corporates make convenient payments at their own discretion.
  • The program can be tailored by the bank on the basis of the needs of the corporate, thus helping in customized transactions.


  • The card makes the procedure of settling transactions easy for corporates and distributors.
  • The card enhances off take for corporates from their distribution channels.
  • The HDFC Bank offers various options for credit card bill payments. Customers can pay through cheques, Net Banking, ATM transfer, Visa Money Transfer, NEFT, Auto Debit, and over the counter.

How can you Apply for a HDFC Bank Distributor Credit Card?

Corporates need to visit the nearby branch or contact the bank in any other way, in order to apply for this card. They can even apply online at the bank's official website. To understand the HDFC Bank Distributor Credit Card fees and charges, contact the customer care of the bank. Check out HDFC bank distributor credit card eligibility and documents required for HDFC bank distributor credit card, before dropping the application.

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