Best ways to receive Reversal of Credit Card Payment

Read the following scenario that happened with Neeta.

Neeta used to make her credit card scheduled payments always on time. However, she never bothered to cross check her credit card statement. After a couple of months, once she happened to check her statement and discerned that an expensive TDS was a part of her bill. The TDS was charged on gift entry for Rs. 1500. Since she had never received any such gift from anywhere, she contacted the bank. They said that they were offering gifts to people who make a transaction of Rs. 15,000 at once.

Of course, she had made purchases atop the minimum amount set. Though Neeta was eligible for the same, she wasn’t ever contacted. However, she wasn’t anyway interested in any of the gifts. The bank responded saying she would have to pay 10% TDS on the gift value before taking the same. Neeta checked for the entire statement before paying to ensure that there were no unnecessary charges imposed later.

Neeta is not only the one who faced this trouble. Many instances happen every day where people are charged without any knowledge. Still, there are a huge number of individuals who use their credit cards to make payment while shopping online. The payments made through the credit card cannot be reimbursed on the return of the product. Thus, today let us discuss the best ways to get payment reversals at any time you cancel your order.

Online transactions

Every online shopping portal has its terms and conditions regarding refunds. Thus, before seeking a refund on any online purchase, look for these conditions. While some websites offer a stipulated time for returns, the other let you buy some other product in return.

Cancellation of purchases via credit cards

The credit card transactions can be cancelled for any online purchase or a brick and mortar store. The user has two options on cancellation of the transaction. He can either cancel the order directly where the purchase will be considered null and void, or demand for a chargeback. In the former case, the payment usually gets reversed to the bank account within 30 minutes.

Most of the companies offer chargeback services in cases where the user is unhappy with their product or service. The bank reverses the billed amount on credit cancelling the payment to be made to the merchant. The chargeback option defences the customer’s interest for an out of order purchase, and the claims should be filed within 180 days of the acquisition.

Double swiping the credit cards

Let us take an instance to comprehend this. Neel went to a local store to purchase groceries using his credit card. The sales executive swiped his card, but the slip did not come off the machine. However, Neel got a text message on his phone. Confused about the payment, the sales executive swiped his card again although that Neel showed him the message. Clearly, due to malfunctioning of the device, he was charged twice.

Double swiping instances have become common these days. In case ones’ card gets swiped twice, one should check with their bank about the transaction details. Some merchants offer cash reversal on the spot evading wastage of time, efforts and unnecessary confusions.

Options available in case of non-reversal of funds

If the companies fail to offer a refund at the given time, the customer possesses the right to approach consumer court. The customer protection act supports every dispute causing snags to the Indian consumer. In a case of non-refunds, the customer can contact the district forum court. In the event of an online transaction, one can also get directly in touch with the merchant through the contact us option or social media page. Most of the genuine retailers solve the case directly since these instances can cause detrimental to their business in long run.

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