9 Best Credit Cards for International Travel

Payment options on travels are no more a hassle. Credit cards have made international trips immensely convenient. Banks offer travel credit cards that come up with their own benefits and attractive offers making it a superlative choice for users and you can find all about it at loanbaba.com. In addition to the airline miles, there are various cash back offers that can be claimed in future. Following is a list of the best international travel credit card options and international travel credit card features:

1. Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card

Citibank brings an incredible option for travellers with complimentary air travel offers in over 100 airlines. The frequent flyers can earn airline miles and use them in the subsequent bookings. The rewards are also available for redemption on car rentals and hotel stay. The international travel credit card benefits:

  • Earn miles on transactions with the credit card and redeem at over 100 domestic or international airlines.
  • You have the option to transfer your miles through the card to any Citibank's airline or a hotel associate.
  • Get 10,000 reward points when you spend over Rs. 1000 within 60 days from the date of issue.
  • Renew your card and earn 3000 airline miles.
  • You get 10 airline miles on every Rs. 100 spent on flight bookings, hotel stays, car rentals through www.premiermiles.co.in.
  • Get 10 miles on every spending of Rs. 100 on airline bookings all over the world.
  • Get 10 miles on every spending of Rs. 100 with Citibank online partner traders.
  • Get 4 miles on every spending of Rs. 100 on any other transaction through the card.
  • The miles you earn are valid lifelong. Thus, the blackout dates do not disturb you and your savings.
  • The Frequent Flyer Program, FFP members, can book airline tickets anywhere around the world and get 10 miles on every spending of Rs. 100. This lets you accumulate additional FFP miles for flying with the same airline again.
  • Earn one frequent flyer miles on every 2 miles transferred to British Airways, Malaysian Airlines, Cathey Pacific, Qatar Airways, Delta Airlines, Thai Airways, Air India, Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines and Eva Air.
  • Get access to airport lounges in any part of the country.
Charges and Fees:

Interest Rate: rate of interest (variable) could be between 37.20% and 42% p.a.

Annual Fee: Rs. 3000

2. American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

This is one of the best credit cards, which allow you to earn miles and additional reward points. You can redeem at any of the airlines. It comes with a number of benefits that make this credit card an apt option. The features of the American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card are:

  • Earn 5000 Membership points as a welcome gift that can be converted into Indigo Vouchers worth Rs. 4000.
  • Spend Rs. 1.90 lakh each year and get over Rs. 7700 worth Indigo Vouchers.
  • If you transact over Rs. 4 lakhs in a year with the card, you earn vouchers worth Rs. 10,000 from Taj Group and Rs. 11,800 from Indigo.
  • Get free visits every year in over 30 airport lounges in ten big cities including Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.
  • Earn 3% cash back on top fuel stations of the country.
  • One gets 1 reward point on every spending of Rs. 50 except for cash transactions, fuel, utilities and insurance.
Fees and Interest

Joining Fees: Rs. 3500

Interest: 40.2% per annum

Annual Fees: Rs. 5000

3. HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card

This is an ideal choice over vacation loan, to make if you look forward to availing benefits on dine out, entertainment, travels, etc. Let us look at the major advantages of choosing an HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card:

  • You get a free Taj Epicure Plus membership. So, make the most out of the exclusive benefits of Taj resorts and hotels.
  • Get epicure points on food and beverage by spending on the participating outlets in the main cities across the country.
  • Get the Club Vistara Silver Membership for free and get amazing benefits. Also, earn 6 club Vistara points on every spending of Rs. 100 across all the Vistara flights.
  • Also, enjoy extra 5 kg allowance and check-in priority during your board.
  • Earn 4 points on every Rs. 150 transactions except for fuel transactions.
  • The reward points get 2x on sending Rs. 150 if you make the bookings through www.hdfcbankregalia.com, airvistara.com and spend on stand-alone cafeterias.
  • You can convert these points into air miles of some popular domestic and international airlines.
  • Also get a 2% mark-up if you spend using foreign currency.
  • Spend at least Rs. 400 and get benefited with 0% surcharge.
Fees and Charges

Annual Fee: Rs. 9999

Interest: 23.88% p.a.

4. Axis Bank Miles & More World Credit Card

The Axis Bank has launched a credit card for its users to earn unlimited miles on numerous eligible spends. You can also check out travel loan offered by this bank at loanbaba.com. This credit card is ideal for those who are frequent travellers. The privileges of opting for this credit card are:

  • 3000 miles as a welcome offer on the card
  • 2000 miles as a reward on activation and transactions worth Rs. 50,000 within the first 60 days.
  • 5000 miles as a welcome bonus on the first purchase through the card.
  • 3000 miles each year as the annual bonus
  • Earn 4 miles on every spending of Rs. 200.
  • Earn 20 miles on every spending of Rs. 200 on movie tickets.
  • 24,000 miles on spending of 1 lakh within a month.
  • Free access to the Mastercard lounges anywhere in the country.
  • 2.5% surcharge refund on every Rs. 400- Rs. 5000 spent on fuel on all petrol pumps in the country.
Fees and Charges

Joining Fee: Rs. 3500

Annual Fee: Rs. 3500

Interest: 2.95% each month (41.75% p.a.)

5. Jet Privilege HDFC Bank World Credit Card

This credit card brings elite travel benefits with the top airline associated brands in the world. Here are some of the striking privileges offered by using the Jet Privilege HDFC Bank World Credit Card:

  • Earn 10,000 JP Miles as a welcome gift. Also get one way Jet Airways ticket along the offer. (You earn 5000 bonus JP Miles if you swipe the card within 90 days of the activation and 5000 miles if you spend Rs. 75,000 within the same 90-day period.
  • Earn 6 JP Miles on every Rs. 150 spent and 18 JP miles on booking flight at www.jetairways.com.
  • Get one JP tier point on every spending of Rs. 2 lakhs through the card.
  • Lounge admittance in most of the airports in India as well as overseas.
  • Waive your renewal fee by spending over 3 lakhs within 12 months of renewal.
  • Get a Rs. 750-worth voucher when you book a domestic return ticket on Jet Airways.
  • Enjoy additional 5% discount on all the domestic flight bookings on www.jetairways.com (Promo Code: JTHDFC)

Joining Fee: Rs. 2500 + service tax

Annual Fee: Rs. 2500 + service tax

6. HSBC MakeMyTrip Signature Credit Card

This is another interesting option brought in by HSBC bank for the ones who love shopping and travelling. The card not just offers attractive rewards and discount vouchers, it has additional offers such as free flight tickets on the compliance of certain conditions. Let us find the exclusive benefits of using an HSBC MakeMyTrip Signature Credit Card:

  • Get 10 reward points of every Rs. 100 transaction at www.makemytrip.com
  • Get 4 bonus points for every Rs. 100 transactions at any other merchant site
  • Get 15 turbo points of every Rs. 100 transaction, if the total spend is over Rs. 50,000 in a year on www.makemytrip.com
  • If your total expenditure exceeds Rs. 4 lakhs, get an exclusive membership anniversary gift. You also get 10,000 extra points with 2 more vouchers worth Rs. 500 of domestic airlines tickets.
  • 2.5% fuel surcharge up to Rs. 250 per month waiver if your transaction range in Rs. 400 and Rs. 4000.
  • Enjoy up to 20% discount on the dining in the main cities of the country.

Annual Fee: Rs. 500

7. Air India SBI Platinum Card

This credit card from SBI is again for frequent travellers with attractive offers and rewards. The use of credit card shall fetch you comparatively a cheaper and a comfortable journey. Besides, enjoy fuel surcharge waivers and save huge. The major benefits why one should go for this credit card are:

  • Earn a welcome gift of 5000 points on payment of joining fee.
  • Get free Frequent Flyer Program, FFP membership at Air India.
  • Get 2 reward points on payment of every Rs. 100 through the card.
  • Earn 2000 bonus points every year as an anniversary present upon paying your renewal fee.
  • Enjoy 5000 bonus points and 15000 points if you spend 2 and 3 lakhs in a year respectively.
  • Enjoy 5000 bonus points and 15000 points if you spend 2 and 3 lakhs in a year respectively.
  • Every spending of Rs. 100 shall fetch you 10 reward points on Air India tickets.
  • Waive your fuel surcharge up to 2.5% across all petrol pumps in India
  • Free access to visa lounge at the Indian airports.

Joining Fee:Rs. 1499

Annual Fee: Rs. 1499

8. Axis Bank Titanium Smart Traveller Credit Card

Axis Bank offers the Titanium Smart Traveller Card with amazing travel benefits with an effort to save your expenses through their rewards. It offers loyalty rewards and many more bonuses like the fuel surcharge waiver and prime gifts. Following are the major advantage to why should one you go for the Axis Bank Titanium Smart Traveller Credit Card:

  • Enjoy 8 EDGE Loyalty points in addition to 500 varied offers on using the card.
  • On every Rs. 200 spending, earn 8 points while travelling overseas.
  • On every spending of Rs. 200 on airline, train and bus bookings, get 4 reward points. The offers also apply to hotel stays and complete holiday packages in India.
  • Earn 2 points on every Rs. 200 with the credit card.
  • 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver applicable on all petrol pumps across the country.

Joining Fee: Rs. 250

Annual Fee: Rs. 100 (waived this by spending over Rs. 50,000 in the previous year)

Interest: 3.25% per month (46.78% p.a.)

9. Yatra SBI Credit Card

The Yatra SBI Credit Card has pretty attractive offers on travels. These benefits are not just applicable on travels but also on shopping and much more. Choose this credit card because:

  • You get Rs. 8250 worth vouchers at Yatra.com on paying the joining fee and availing the card.
  • Get 2 Rs. 500 worth vouchers for domestic travels.
  • Get 2 Rs. 1000 worth vouchers for overseas travels
  • Get 1 Rs. 750 worth voucher on a hotel stay booking
  • Enjoy 6x rewards when you use the card on Yatra.com, departmental stores and for grocery.
  • Get 1 point behind each Rs. 100, when you pay or retail stores that are not grocery or departmental stores.
  • You can win discount vouchers on every Rs. 3000 spent on Yata.com
  • Waive your surcharge of 2.5% if you make transactions between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3000.
  • You get direct access to the top MasterCard airport lounges in the country.

Joining Fee: Rs. 499 plus taxes

Annual Fee: Rs. 499 plus taxes

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