10 tips on how to react to the Credit Card Debt Threats

Let us talk about situations where you get into deep debt, and the credit card company threatens to sue you. What are the options available? What steps can be taken to get out of such a situation? Let us find out.

Suppose you are in a deep debt and the credit card bills are eating you immensely, over which the companies' agents start distressing you, these tactics can wane your spirit. The firms at times get on to such a level that they start bullying your family members or even start abusing. In such scenarios, it is first important to keep calm and assert your rights. Even if you owe someone a sum of money, they 're not allowed to take the law in their hand and threaten you. You aren’t a slave. So here’s what you can do:

How to react to the debt threats

  • Tell the caller that you are recording their conversation. This works as proof that the person has been harassing you.
  • Calmly decide which person of the family should talk to the debt collector. Let that person handle as they might have better ideas. Collectors might ask who all earn in your family. Thus, do not rotate your phone calls.
  • Completely refuse to pay even a single rupee without having a single proof from the other end. Just because you received a call, this doesn’t mean you pay them immediately.
  • Note down all the details of the company and number of the caller. This can work in the court as a shred of evidence.
  • Keep checking your emails regularly to avoid missing a court summon.
  • Do you have an old debt? If it’s a debt pending for a long time, they have the right to sue you legally. Thus, read all the rules about the same before making any decision.
  • Do not hesitate. Speak up and keep your point. There persist laws against the unfair and brutal collectors.
  • The relatives are not legally bound to pay their deceased relative’s debts.
  • Always ask the collect for the proof of the debts. At times, the companies start threatening for no reason and bully you for paying.
  • The collectors may also imply false deadlines and scare you. Thus, always ask for a written agreement.

Though it is not easy to stand up for ourselves, we have to speak up at instances to save ourselves for no one will come and save you. You have to at times be your own saviour.

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