HDFC Bank Central Travel Account Credit Card

One of the most advantageous credit cards to carry around is the HDFC Central Travel Account Credit Card, due to its multiple amazing features. The bank also offers loans other than credit cards. Learn about the credit card at

HDFC Bank Central Travel Account Credit Card Features

  • This centralized product helps in consolidating travel costs.
  • It helps in increasing savings due to its long payment period.
  • It provides analysis on all expenses.
  • It helps the customer get rid of multiple invoices and reimbursements.

The HDFC Bank, established in 1994 with it is headquartered in Mumbai, is an Indian banking and financial services company. It also has foreign branches in Hong Kong and Dubai. HDFC, as part of its retail banking portfolio, offers a wide range of services and products, including credit cards and loans. There are minimal documents required for HDFC bank central travel account credit card.

Advantages of the HDFC Bank Central Travel Account Credit Card:

  • This special card from HDFC was designed with the objective of offering a one-stop solution for storing all information from travel-related accounts. This centralized solution consolidates every travel-related expense for ensuring cost-efficiency.
  • The card enables centralized approval and payment, thus removing the needs for multiple invoices and reimbursements.
  • It offers customers additional information about their travel bookings and costs.
  • HDFC bank central travel account credit card fees are low.
  • Cardholders are allowed to procure a payment term extension for 50 days maximum, thereby adding to their savings.
  • HDFC Bank central travel account credit card interest rate is reasonable.
  • This card enables businesses to enjoy a huge volume of savings through effective negotiations, on the basis of the information provided.
  • Information linked to the card can be consolidated with ERP systems, thus reducing paperwork.

Characteristics of the HDFC Bank Central Travel Account Credit Card:

  • The card is for hotel payments, airline bookings, and bookings of other travel services. The airfare gets debited from the Central Travel Account Credit Card.
  • Customers can enjoy all-time access to customized Management Information System reports, for improved efficiency.
  • Customers get reports with airline / hotel / merchant-wise break-up information that make matters more convenient.
  • Cash cannot be withdrawn by using this card.

HDFC Bank Central Travel Account Credit Card Eligibility

The eligibility for this card depends upon the requirements spelled out by the bank, including income and employment, to name a few.

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