PAN Card Verification

To know the genuineness of a person or transaction, verification of PAN may be required in some cases. For this purpose, NSDL has given an option to the entities to check/ verify the PAN. For instance, in banks where heavy amount of funds are transacted, it becomes necessary to know the genuineness of PAN or know the PAN history. Hence, the IT department has authorized NSDL to start online PAN verification service which may help the legal/ statutory/ specified entities to verify PAN.

The three ways of verifying PAN number are discussed below:

1. File based PAN number verification:

  • Login and upload a file containing maximum 1000 numbers in format specified by NSDL. After uploading, submit file and after that the site provides the details regarding the PAN in 24 hours of submitting.
  • If PAN uploaded/ format is incorrect, the system conveys a message of rejection.

2. Screen based Pan number verification:

The user needs to login first in order to use the service after which a maximum of five PANs can be furnished in the screen provided. Submit it and results will be shown.

3. Software based PAN number verification:

Under this system, the PAN server is reached with the help of software. The software is linked to the site and the results are shown according to that.

Authorization of registration

An entity applies to the Income Tax department for the Online PAN verification system. The entity needs to apply to NSDL first which forwards the case to the IT department which has discretion to accept or reject the proposal on certain grounds. The applicant needs to fill the forms completely and pay the required fees to the department. After successful authorization, applicant is provided with 8 digit user ID and on rejection, the registration charges are refunded back to the applicant.

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