Aadhaar Card Status Enquiry

Certain documents and forms are required to apply for Aadhaar which include address proof, identity proof, date of birth certificate and relationship certificate. But there are certain cases where the applicant might not be able to furnish theses documents, for instance, a minor under the age of 5. In such cases the application is done either through introducer or the head of the family.

An introducer is the specific person appointed by the government. And it is the responsibility of the introducer to verify the address and identity of the applicant. After verification, the process becomes same as regular applications with documents.

Aadhaar enquiry and complaints

Despite of hassle free and easy platform of UIDAI, card holders/ applicants face various problems pertaining to Aadhaar Card. Keeping the problems in mind, UIDAI has introduced several measures to tackle existing problems. Applicants or card holders who have any issue with the card can contact UIDAI online through their website, mail or toll free number and seek redressal to their grievances.

Uses of Aadhaar card

  • Government subsidies: LPG, PDS, MNREGA wages, etc
  • Serves identity and residence proof: phone connections, bank accounts, etc
  • Acceptable nationwide without any hassle

Aadhaar card number details

In contrary to other cards and popular beliefs, Aadhaar card is not just a card. Rather it's a unique number under which the details of the individual attached are stored. It also consists of a QR code which also contains the information about the individual.

What is Aadhaar number?

The Aadhaar number is a 12 digit unique identification number under which various information like passports, phone connections, bank accounts held, etc is stored. It also holds biometric data of the person who has been issued the card.