Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Calculator

Mutual fund institutions offer this type of investment scheme. Under this scheme, the user can invest a small amount on weekly, quarterly or monthly basis into any mutual fund that he/she has chosen. Retail investors are provided with a passive and disciplined approach of investing for creating long term wealth by using the compounding power.

The money is invested on regular basis mostly on a month's interval. This also decreases the effect of market volatility. The user can calculate the money earned and expected returns of SIP investment per month with the help of this calculator.

One can have a slight idea of the maturity amount of a monthly SIP based on the projected yearly return rate. The user has to input and submit the amount at tenure ending, the return rate and number of months. Then, the user will be provided with the monthly amount to invest.

SIP calculator helps understand the mutual fund investments. The person can invest even a small amount as per his/her capacity. It is best to study the features of SIP calculator before using it. By putting in some amount monthly, one can be eligible for greater returns in future.

SIP advantages over Lump sums investment

  • One doesn't have to speculate and be focused for timing the market (That is not the correct way to generate returns over long term)
  • No effect of market volatility as the money is invested on monthly basis.
  • Guaranteed investment and savings because of automatic (automatic deduction of monthly instalments) and passive approach.
  • Flexibly of creating, cancelling and updating SIP anytime. The funds start from just 1000 Rs. monthly.