Future Generali Life Insurance Plan

Future Generali Life Insurance was founded in 2007 as a joint venture between the Generali Group, Future Group and Industrial Investment Trust Limited (IITL). It has 98 branches across India with over 11 lakh policies since its establishment. Future Generali family health insurance has a capital of 1,400 INR crore and assets of 2,600 INR crore and is en route of becoming country’s leading insurers.

Term Plans of Future Generali:

  • Care Plus Plan: High life coverage is offered at lower premiums against life’s uncertainties.
  • Flexi Online Term Plan: It is an online term scheme which features life cover and monthly income and offers the choice to mould the scheme according to the policyholder’s needs.
Plan Type Basic Assured Amount Period(in yrs)
Flexi Online Term fifty lakh 10-65 (entry age being exception)
Care Plus ten lakh 5-30

Future Generali Guaranteed Plans:

  • Pearls Guarantee Plan: Multiple scheme options are offered which offer flexible payment options for a limited tenure and give regular returns which are compounded reversionary bonuses through the entire policy tenure. Your family will receive a huge sum in form of vested terminal bonus at the end of policy term.
  • Saral Bima: 6 varying fund options are offered by this policy between debt, equity and balance. Ability to change funds becomes the highlights of this scheme. The funds can be withdrawn 5 years later without any charges.
  • Assured Income Plan: It is a limited premium insurance scheme in which premiums need to be paid only for 11 or 15 yrs and get warranted payment for equal years. Added benefits include 4.5x annualized premium with the last payout featuring death benefits to the insured’s nominee.
  • Assured Money Back Plan: It features options of four policy terms with a guaranteed ten percent of assured amount in form of cash back annually for nine years and 110% of the assured amount upon maturity.
  • Assured Education Plan: This plan protects the children’s education (till the age of 17) requirements by a saving mechanism with warranted payments and optional riders.
Plan Type Basic Assured Amount Period(in yrs)
Pearls Guarantee Subject to entry age and policy period 16,18
Saral Bima Subject to premium payment 10 to 20
Assured Income Annualised Premium’s PREMIUMS 11,15
Assured Money Back 58,215 INR 15,17,20,22
Assured Education Subject to plan type 17 yrs except child’s age when purchasing

ULIP Plans of Future Generali:

  • Bima Gain: With just a single payment, dual objectives can be met related to wealth and life protection. Monthly/quarterly/half-yearly payout options are offered along with the option to switch within 6 funds. Partial withdrawals after five years are also featured.
  • Pramukh Nivesh: The paid premiums are invested in chosen funds sans any allocation charges. Through systematic funds transfer schemes, maturity returns are safeguarded, from equity-oriented schemes to debt oriented one within last three years. It also features the option to switch within six schemes and allows withdrawing after five years.
  • Wealth Protect Plan: It offers high cover with is up to thirty times of the annual premium along with warranted loyalty add-ons, payment frequencies which are monthly/quarterly/half-yearly and allows to switch within equity, debt and balanced funds. It offers partial withdrawals five years later.
  • Bima Advantage Plus Plan: Payment frequencies which are monthly/quarterly/half-yearly are offered and this plan also features the choice to switch within equity, balanced and debt funds. Partial withdrawals can be availed after five years, making the plan good enough to cover both medium and long term gains.
  • Dhan Vriddhi: Flexible limited premium payment options are offered. The plan also features staying invested for long periods, making higher returns targets to match your medium as well as long-term financial goals. Payments frequencies of monthly/quarterly/half-yearly are offered along with the choice to switch within 6 funds and partial withdrawal five years later are also offered.
  • Easy Invest Online Plan-It features partial withdrawal after five years and life cover along with loyalty add-ons throughout the policy term. It also offers the option to switch funds throughout policy tenure.
Plan Type of Future Generali Basic Assured Amount Period(in yrs)
Bima Gain 1.25x premium sum ten
Pramukh Nivesh 1.25x premium sum five to twenty
Wealth Protect <45 years Greater than Half the policy tenure/ ten x annual premium fifteen to forty
>45 years Higher of: 0.25 times the policy term or 7 times annual premium
Bima Advantage Plus <45 years (10x 0.5xpolicy tenure) into annual premium ten to thirty
>45 years (7x 0.25 x policy tenure) into annual premium
Dhan Vriddhi <45 years (10x0.5xpolicy term) into annual premium twenty and fifteen
>45 years (7x0.25xpolicy tenure) into annual premium
Easy Invest Online 10x annual premium ten to twenty

Traditional Plans of Future Generali:

  • Assure Plus: Flexible payment option for a limited tenure is offered along with regular returns compounded with reversionary bonuses throughout the entire policy tenure. Your family will receive a huge sum and terminal and vested bonuses at the end of policy.
  • New Saral Anand: This plan offers life cover and benefit choices such as extended life cover up to an age of hundred and also offers maturity bonuses.
  • Triple Anand Advantage: It offers a fixed sum to the policyholders for five years after the premium payout tenure and life cover up to an age of eighty years along with 50% of assured amount+ maturity interest.
Plan Type of Future Generali Basic Assured Amount Period
Assure Plus one lakh 15,20,25
New Saral Anand one lakh fifteen to twenty
Tripe Anand Advantage two lakh fifteen to twenty

Rural Plans of Future Generali:

  • Jan Suraksha Plus: It is a non-participating, non-linked traditional insurance scheme which offers life coverage with warranted maturity sum at reasonable rates.
  • Jan Suraksha: It is a non-participating, non-linked insurance plan which offers single premium payment providing cover for life.
Plan Types of Future Generali Basic Assured Amoun Period
Jan Suraksha Plus Subject to premium amount eight
Jan Suraksha Subject to premium payment eight

Retirement Plans of Future Generali:

  • Pension Guarantee Plan: It is a retirement scheme which aids to plan a savings plan for your retirement. The policy returns minimum warranted 101% of all paid premium upon maturity along with declared bonuses throughout the tenure.
  • Immediate Annuity Plan: This retirement scheme features fixed income for the insured’s entire life. They can choose within monthly or yearly payment option or can choose in between ‘Life Annuity’ and ‘Life Annuity with return of Purchase Price”. Annuity card is offered to ensure convenient withdrawal of annuity sum.
Plan Type of Future Generali Basic Assured Amount Period( in yrs)
Guarantee of pension Subject to premium sum Single premium- 10,15,20
Regular premium- ten-twenty
Limited premium- eleven-twenty
Immediate Annuity - Lifetime

Group Plans of Future Generali:

  • Group Superannuation Plan: It features warranted returns with minimum of 1%p.a. floor rate on the contributions made and additional returns are given to the subscribers which is declared over and above minimum floor rate as annual bonuses. A residual addition is added to the fund five years later.
  • Group Leave Encashment Plan: It features warranted returns with minimum of 1%p.a. floor rate being credited quarterly in advance. An additional interest rate is offered to the subscribers over and above the minimum floor rate being advance declared quarterly thereby helping companies to manage their liabilities related to leave encashment.
  • Group Gratuity Plan: This group plan is meant for the companies offering its employees gratuity benefits
  • Group Term Life Insurance Plan: It is a group plan meant for its members which feature reasonable life insurance coverage.
  • Future Generali Loan Suraksha: It is designed for groups or companies which offer loans to the members.
Plan Type Basic Assured Amount Period
Group Superannuation Subject to scheme Yearly renewal
Group Leave Encashment One thousand Yearly renewal
Group Gratuity One thousand Yearly renewal
Group Term Life Groups >5000 members-One thousand
Other groups- Five thousand
One year
Loan Suraksha twenty thousand per member two to thirty