Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan

Life is so unpredictable that an ordinary lifestyle can be tough to maintain that is why Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan is introduced in India. This plan provides enough support to the insured individual's family, so that even if policyholder is absent they can lead a normal life. 

Eligibility Required to take the Plan

Individual need to meet the given basic requirement to take this plan:

  • Minimum age for entry :
    • Basic life coverage - 18 years
    • Income protection plan- 25 years
  • Minimum age of maturity :
    • Basic life coverage - 28 years
    • Income protection plan- 45 years
  • Maximum age of maturity :
    • The criteria for this is depend on the applicant's lifestyle.
    • Basic life cover- 65 years (for smokers), 75 years (for non-smokers)
    • Income protection plan - 65 years
  • Minimum duration of policy: 10 years
  • Minimum premium per month: Policyholder's age decides minimum premium per month and it starts at twenty-five thousand rupees.

Characteristics of the Plan:

  • Reasonable premiums: The insured get high risk cover at a reasonable premium amount.
  • Simple: This plan can be understood easily and purchased online which makes it convenient and quick.
  • Customization: The freedom to policyholders has been given in such a way that they can customise the plan by choosing the payment option that suits the requirement of their family. Individual has the choice between the income protection plan and life cover plan.
  • Option of multiple payments: Individuals can make payment either in lump sum or monthly or the combination of both.
  • Special rates of premium: In this feature non- smokers and women are allowed for lower premium rates along with incentive to lead healthy life.

Discounts: Policyholders, who have opted for high assured sum, are provided with discounts on premium.

  • Free look duration: One can return the policy within the free look duration which is of thirty days.
  • Grace duration: Grace period of 30 days is given if one fails to pay any premium due.
  • Extended Protection: Protection is given to the customers up to 75 years of age.

Advantages of the Plan

  • Tax Advantages: One can also get rebate in tax for the premium which is paid under appropriate Income Tax Act sections.
  • Death Advantages: In case of sudden death of the policy holder, the nominee gets death benefit. The amount of death benefit can be higher of either 105% of total paid premiums or it can be times of the annual premium or the assured sum. The policyholder has the option to choose how the nominee will receive the advantages.


Mrs. Anita, who is 38 years old, wants to buy a basic life coverage policy along with a coverage of one crore rupees for the duration of 30 years. For this plan, she pays premium of ten thousand rupees every year. Fifteen years later, she discoveres that she has cancer and after few months she dies. In this situation, her son who is nominee and is of 25 years old will get the death benefit and the amount will be one crore rupees and the policy will end there.