DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance India

DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance has its headquarters situated in Gurgaon. It is one of the leading providers of life insurance of India. In July, 2008, IRDA approved it to sell insurance and a month later their first product was launched. DHFL insurance is a result of joint venture between prudential international insurance holdings, Ltd. and Dewan Housing finance and has a nearly three million big customer base, serving through sixty seven branches spread across the county, providing employment to over two thousand employees.

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Protection Plans of Pramerica Insurance-

  • Family Income Plan by DHFL Pramerica -This scheme provides a monthly income to the families and is a decreasing term plan with period ranging in between five to thirty years. It features riders to improve insurance coverage.
  • Family First Plan by DHFL Pramerica -It is a term insurance scheme having tenure in between ten to thirty years. Death benefits equal to twenty time monthly income is provided along with compatible riders.
  • TruShield Plan by DHFL Pramerica - It offers not only added shield cover but also life cover and allows the choice of preferred covers for death benefits.
  • U-Protect Plan by DHFL Pramerica - In it insurance protections are provided at reasonable prices.  It features benefits of lesser premiums for the non-smokers so as to promote healthy lifestyle. A minimum death benefit of 25 lakh is given without any maturity benefits.

Plan Types

Basic Assured Amount

Period(in years)

Family First Plan

20x monthly income


Family Income Plan

Subject to  premium amount


Pramerica U-Protect Plan

25 lakh


TruShield Plan

5 lakh

ten, fifteen, twenty

Child Progress Plans by DHFL Pramerica - Following insurance plans are offered under it:

  • Smart Fee Protect Plan by DHFL Pramerica - This plan provides security to children through the monthly income. It even features add-on coverage and warranted additions yearly.
  • Future Idols Gold+ Plan by DHFL Pramerica - This plan has be designed to cover a child’s education even if the worst was to. It covers the children education in the worst scenario. It has tenure of 15, 20, 25 years and features death and maturity benefits.
  • Rakshak Gold Plan by DHFL Pramerica -  It offers warranted annual additions and enhanced death benefits which provides a monthly payout if the policyholder dies. This continues till the tenure lasts.
  • Rakshak+ Plan by DHFL Pramerica - It is an endowment plan which is non-participating and features assured amount death benefits and accrued annual additions which are guaranteed. Maturity benefits in the form of assured amount multiplied by warranted maturity multiple is given.

Plan Types

Basic Assured Amount

Period(in years)

Future Idols Gold+ Plan

one lakh fifty thousand

15, 20,25

Rakshak+ Plan

one lakh

10, 15,20

Rakshak Gold Plan

one lakh


Smart Fee Protect Plan

one lakh sixty eight thousand


Savings Plans by DHFL Pramerica-

  • Roz Sanchay Plan by DHFL Pramerica - It is a warranted endowment plan which offers chances to make substantial savings along with life insurance cover.  A death benefit of 150%p.a. is assured on the base amount.
  • Flexi Cash Plan by DHFL Pramerica -  It allows you to prepone maturity benefits along with warranted loyalty benefits.  Limited pay options are offered where premium only for 5, 10, 15 years need to be paid.
  • Sahaj Suraksha Plan by DHFL Pramerica -  In this plan insurance cover is provided from any age to 75 years of age. Death benefits under this policy include assured amount and bonuses.
  • Aajeevan Samriddhi by DHFL Pramerica - It offers insurance coverage up to 99 years of age. Maturity benefit is offered to secure your post retirement life.
  • Smart Cash Protect Plan by DHFL Pramerica - This plan features regular income for policyholders through pay-outs annually. Limited payment option along with enhance cover riders and maturity benefits are also offered.
  • Wealth+ ACE Plan by DHFL Pramerica - It features investment opportunities along with insurance cover. The customers need to pay only one premium under single premium policy, to activate this policy.
  • Smart Wealth+ Plan by DHFL Pramerica - This ULIP offers insurance policy to the customers along with investment opportunities. Riders which are compatible with this scheme simply enhance the insurance cover.
  • Premier Gain Plan by DHFL Pramerica -  It offers ten times the annual premium in the form of death benefit and high returns on the insurance coverage.
  • Smart Assure Plan by DHFL Pramerica - It features maturity add-ons along with flexible premium payout periods.
  • Smart Income Plan by DHFL Pramerica - It is a warranted annual income scheme which apart from providing annual income also provides flexible payout choices throughout the tenure.
  • Smart Money Back Plan by DHFL Pramerica -It features liquidity at milestones set and regular add-ons during the tenure and flexible policy terms.
  • Magnum Assure Plan by DHFL Pramerica It features monthly income which is equal to payout tenure and loans against the policy. Monthly income equivalent to payout period and loans against the policy is offered.
  • eSave Plan by DHFL Pramerica - Guaranteed add-ons and maturity benefits are offered in this plan.

Plan Type

Basic Assured Amount

Period in years

Flexi Cash Plan

fifteen years  term-: 1,70,000 INR

25 and 35 years terms- 2,00,000 INR

15, 25,35

Roz Sanchay Plan

16 years term: 1,00,000  INR

21 years term: 21,000 INR


Aajeevan Samriddhi Plan

75,000 INR

entry age-ninety-nine

Sahaj Suraksha Plan

One lakh


Smart Cash Protect Plan

1,25,000 INR

12, 15,20

Wealth+ ACE Plan

<45 YRS

1.25x single premium

10, 15, 20, 25

>45 YRS

1.10x single premium

Smart Wealth+ Plan

Subject to premium pay term

5, 10, 15,20

Magnum Assure Plan

48,000 INR p.a.


Premier Gain Plan

3,50,000 INR

10, 15, 20,25

Smart Assure Plan

Regular premium pay- One Lakh

Limited premium pay- Seventy five thousand

10, 15, 20

Smart Income Plan

11x annualised premium

7 to 20

Smart Money Back Plan

1,20,000 INR


eSave Plan

Subject to premium ,entry age and policy period

10, 15,20

Group Plans by DHFL Pramerica -

Insurance plans are offered by the employers of the company to the employees, which is reasonable and provides tax free claim if the employee dies. It features tax benefits.

Here enlisted are the plans which offer safe insurance options for groups and individuals to help them save wisely.

  • Group Term Plan by DHFL Pramerica - In this a guaranteed protection along with free-cover limit is provided in order to increase the protection.
  • Group Credit Life+ Plan by DHFL Pramerica - It features basic or enhanced life cover to the members sans any medical but provides accidental death and chronic illness benefits.
  • Life Group Term Care Plan by DHFL Pramerica - It is such a group plan which features options under assured amount criteria and fixed/reducing assured amount throughout the tenure, depending upon eligibility plans.
  • Sarv Suraksha by DHFL Pramerica - This group micro insurance scheme features comprehensive life cover at a reasonable price.

Plan type

Basic Assured amount

Period (in years)

Group Credit Life+ Plan

Ten thousand


Group Term Plan

One Thousand (per member)

Yearly renewal

Group Term Care Plan

Five thousand (per member)


Sarv Suraksha Plan

Five thousand  (per member)

Yearly renewal