Bharti Axa Car Insurance India

Bharti AXA is taken to be one of the best options as far as car insurance is concerned. Bharti AXA ensures you on the both ways i.e. protects you on the road as well as assures you that the option is as per your requirements and common limitations. The benefits of the Bharti AXA car insurance include robust 24x7 claim assistance, cashless service in more than 2,500 garages in the country, hassle free claim settlement, and up to 50% No Claim Bonus (NCB) on renewal of car insurance from Bharti AXA or any other provider. For online purchase, company offers two ways/ options which are, Basic Cover and Basic Cover along with Roadside Assistance. Some of the features of the plan are described below:

  • It offers a third party cover of up to Rs. 7.5 lakhs
  • A chain of more than 2,500 garages all over the country for cashless service
  • Claim ratio of 91.49%
  • Net earned premium of 100736
  • Cover may include roadside assistance too (as per customer’s needs)

With this product, the company aims at meeting the comprehensive needs of the motorists.

Bharti AXA car insurance cover

Under the Bharti AXA car insurance cover for car and passengers has been broadened. Basic cover to meet the liabilities arising out of road accidents are accompanied by the enhanced cover of roadside assistance in case of unforeseen on-road incidents including breakdowns. The details are discussed below:

1. Basic Cover:

  • Comprehensive: includes theft, damage by flood, accidents, fire, earthquake, etc, which is stated broadly in the contract
  • Third party liability: includes damage caused to other’s property/ vehicle or liability arisen due to injury/ death of other person(s) due to accident
  • Personal accident: Rs. 2 lakhs are given to the family in case of permanent dismemberment or death

2. Basic + Roadside Assistance (within a radius of 25 kilometers)

  • Includes basic cover as mentioned above
  • Other services to assist incedents like emergency fuel, changing tires, on-road repairs, lost key, towing service, etc

Add-on Covers

Sometimes certain losses arise which are not covered in the base plan and are beyond the terms specified. For such cases the company may provide additional covers at additional cost which are stated below:

1. Depreciation:

  • It is covered for up to 5 years from the date of registration
  • 100% repayment is given on items replaced
  • Repair cost for tires, plastic parts, airbags, batteries, fiber glass and nylon
  • Payment of depreciation is given equal to the amount deducted on parts replaced up to 2 years of claims

2. Invoice price: In case of any loss, compensation is given which equals to

Insured value + insurance + road tax + registration

3. Medical expenses: For treatment of injuries amounting to not more than Rs. 10,000 (driver + passengers)

4. Personal accident: In case of death or dismemberment of passengers, Rs. Up to 1 lakh are given

5. Hospital cash: Rs. 10,000 daily subject to maximum of 30 days


There are some claims that are not entertained/ compensated by the company:

  • General wear and tear (depreciation) of the vehicle
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdowns
  • Events which occur beyond the area specified
  • Nuclear damage
  • Unauthorized driving/ driving without driving license/ driving under intoxication


There are certain conditions when the customers become eligible for certain discounts/ bonuses like no claims made in last year, installation of anti-theft devices

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle is fixe as under:

On the basis of the selling price of the manufacturer/ seller, the following amount is deducted from that price in order to arrive at the IDV:

  • 5% up to 6 months
  • 15% from 6 months to 1 year
  • 20% from 1 year to 2 years
  • 30% from 2 years to 3 years
  • 40% from 3 years to 4 years
  • 50% from 4 years to 5 years

Intimation of the Claim

One can intimate Bharti AXA about the accident by just calling or sending an email. By this, the claim will be registered by the company and a registration number will be given to the complainer in order to facilitate future correspondence. At that time, you must be ready with certain information i.e. contact number, vehicle number, policy/ cover note number, engine number, chassis number, description about injury, extent of loss, and details of the accidents like location, date, time, etc.

Sending vehicle for repairs

One can choose between Bharti AXA approved garages or any of the garages for getting the repair done to the vehicle. The survey of the vehicle can be done by the surveyor only in the workshop which needs certain documents ready, which are:

  • Claim form duly filled and signed by the insured
  • Driving license in original as well as duplicate (self attested)
  • Self attested copy of RC along with original (returned after verification)
  • Satisfaction letter if cashless facility is availed in the network garages
  • Copy of the FIR in case of third party death/ injury, major damage, damage due to malicious act/ riots, theft of vehicle, etc

Claim settlement

The procedure of the settlement of claim depends upon the mode of repairs made to the vehicle. The process is described as under:

  • For repairs conducted in network garage, after the approval is given on the spot by the surveyor, vehicle gets repaired by the garage. A letter of satisfaction is obtained by the customer when the vehicle is handed over to him. The customer will be required to pay bills for the losses which are not covered under the contract or are not incurred in the same accident. The company will settle remaining claims with the company on customer’s behalf.
  • For repairs not made in network garages, the bills are produced to the company after the spot verification and approval by the surveyor, which, after verification by the company are passed and then further settled in the account number given by the customer with the claim form.