Aegon Religare Life Insurance Plan

The life term plans of Aegon are not only reliable but also an amazing option to ensure that your beloved are looked after even when you are not near them. These plans are gainful and are available at reasonable prices.

  • Aegon Life iReturn Insurance Plan-A payout equal to the three percent of the assured sum is featured on death.
  • Aegon Life Easy Protect Insurance Plan-This plan ensures to return the paid premium when the policy term expires, while the policy holder is still alive.
  • Aegon Life iTerm Insurance Plan - At just 8100 INR per annum, a live cover of 1 crore INR is available. This term plan is the only one which features illness benefit. All types of deaths are included in this, even one by terrorist attack.
  • Aegon Life Term Insurance Plan-This plan protects your beloved ones at the time of death of policy holder against financial obstacles by ensuring a monthly income to the family.
  • Aegon Life iSpouse Insurance Plan- It not only ensures protection of the policy holder but also safeguards his/her spouse, thereby covering aspects like accidental death and chronic illness.
  • Aegon Life iIncome Insurance Plan- Apart from providing disability cover, coverage and monthly income for 5 years is also provided. If any chronic illness is diagnosed, then premium payments are also waivered,

Plan type

Basic Sum Assured(in LAKHS)

Tenure (years)

Aegon iReturn


5,10,15 ,20

Aegon Easy Protect



Aegon iTerm



Aegon Term



Aegon iSpouse



Aegon iIncome

Depends on premium payments

60 years except age at entry (entry age is 25 years)

Life Endowment Plans of Aegon:

  • Aegon Life iGuarantee Insurance Plan- This insurance plan provides a warranted payout of 135% on the premium amount. Under section 80C and 10D, tax benefits are entailed on this plan.
  • Aegon Life Guaranteed Growth Insurance Plan - This plan guarantees 150% payout on the premium amount and in case of death of premium holder, payments are waived off on future premiums and the nominee gets annual payouts.
  • Aegon Life Flexi Money Back Advantage Insurance Plan- If offers limited premium payments along with longer period of coverage. It features payout options at standard intervals and also covers bonuses. It also offers rider options in order to permit comprehensive coverage.
  • Aegon Life Premier Endowment Insurance Plan- In this plan 5% is added every year to the cover amount at the time of premium payment term in order to boost the savings.
  • Aegon Life Jeevan Shanti Insurance Plan- This plan provides life cover along with a premium option for payment which adds to the maturity benefit or death benefit through accumulated bonus every year.
  • Aegon Life Money Back Advantage Insurance Plan-It ensures money back on the insurance plan.
  • Aegon Life Educare Advantage Insurance Plan- This plan ensures financial support to educate your child.
  • Aegon Life Guaranteed Income Advantage Insurance Plan: This plan is a participating plan which is extremely traditional.

Life ULIP Plans of Aegon:

These double protection plans not only provide life cover but also help in investments which are market linked.

  • Aegon Life iMaximise Insurance Plan: This plan ensures the highest benefits at an extremely optimum cost.
  • Aegon Life iMaximise Single Premium Insurance Plan- This plan allows, for the entire policy, single premium to be paid, in order to ease the policy holder’s burdens.
  • Aegon Life Future Protect Insurance Plan- Apart from protecting your family, this plan also uses the upward trends for gain in the market.
  • Aegon Life Future Protect Plus Insurance Plan - This plan ensures to provide cover for your life and also helps to save tax.
  • Aegon Life Rising Star Insurance Plan - This plan not only provides cover for your life but also ensures the security of your children for a bright future.
  • Aegon Life iInvest Insurance Plan: After the 5th policy year, this plan ensures partial withdrawal along with loyalty units in order to increase fund value and helps you to choose from two portfolio strategies.

Plan Type

Basic Sum Assured


Aegon iMaximise

On entry less than 45 years – more than 10 times annualised premium{0.5 times policy term X annualised premium}

45 years and above on entry- 10 times annualised premium


Aegon iMaximise Single Premium

Below 45 years- 125% of single premium

45 years and above - 110% of single premium

Till  50 years-10 years

 Above 50 years- 5 years

Aegon Future Protect

20 times the annual premium

15,20,25,30, 35

Aegon Future Protect Plus

Below 45 years- more than 10 times the annualised premium {0.5 X policy term X annualised premium)

Above 45 years- higher of 7 times the annualised premium (0.25 X policy year X annualised premium)


Aegon Rising Star

Below 45 years- more than 10 times the annualised premium (0.5 X policy term X annualised premium)]

Above 45 years- higher of 7 times the annualised premium {0.25 X policy year X annualised premium}


Aegon iInvest

If the entry is less than forty five years- more than 10 times the annualised premium {0.5 times of policy term multiplies by the annualised premium}

45 years and above on entry- more than 10 times the annualised premium {0.25 times the policy term multiplies by the annualised premium}

10,15,20, 25

Life Pension Plans of Aegon:

It is designed in such a way that it meets the requirements of every individual when his standard income gets curbed on retirement. It features continued income till 85 years of age.

  • Aegon Life Guaranteed Income Advantage Plan - An income 7.5% on the assured sum is guaranteed until 85 years of age of the policy holder
  • Aegon Life Child Plans: These plans help you to protect your child’s future and his education.
  • Aegon Life Educare Advantage Insurance Plan- Avail this plan to ensure that your child’s education is not influenced however ups and down might there be in the education sector.
  • Aegon Life Rising Star Insurance Plan-This plan ensures that your children won’t have to compromise with education and that they cover their essential milestones.

Plan Type

Basic Sum Assured

Tenure( in years)

Aegon Rising Star

Below 45 years- more than 10 times the annualised premium{0.5 X policy term X annualised premium}

Above 45 years- more than 7 times the annualised premiu {0.25 X policy year X annualised premium}



Aegon Life insurance Rural Plans: Known as low cost insurance plans, these are meant to cater to requirements of rural area people

Aegon Life Rural Term Insurance Plan – It offers maximum benefits on insurance for people from rural background in order to meet their insurance needs at a lower cost.

Plan Type

Basic Sum Assured


Aegon Rural Term Insurance

50x premium amount


Aegon Life Group Plans:

These plans are intended to provide financial benefit, not only to a group of individuals, but also to the employees of a company/union/association.

  • Aegon Life Group Gratuity Plan- It empowers the employer firms in order to benefit from the plan which helps to fulfil the needs of the retired employees.
  • Aegon Life Group Leave Encashment Plan-With the aid of this plan, the employers can provide the retiring employees, leave encashment. Liabilities are bound to increase with time; hence it is better to avail a plan rather than managing it.
  • Aegon Life Group Credit Life Plan - With respect to the insurance needs and loan liability, this plan covers the various employees of the group so as to protect their family when they are not around.
  • Aegon Life Group Term Plan- According to this plan, the sum assured meant for the nominee is given to the family, in case of death of any family member.
  • Aegon Life Group Credit Shield Insurance Plan- Not only does this plan provide insurance but also provides loan coverage to the employees. It even has an option to continue the policy even after it lapses.

Plan Type

Basic Sum Assured( thousand rupees per member)

Tenure( years)

Aegon Group Credit Life Insurance



Aegon Group Term Plan


1,  renewable

Aegon Group Leave Encashment


attainment of 75 years- 1

Aegon Group Gratuity


attainment of 75 years-1

Aegon Group Credit Shield

500 for home loans

50 for other loans


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