Duplicate Driving Licence

If your original Driving Licence is damaged/stolen/lost, then you can easily apply for a duplicate copy either online or offline. To notify and apply for a duplicate Driving Licence, you need to fill up, sign, and submit Form LLD to the RTO office. The fee for duplicate Driver’s Licence is Rs. 216. The validity of a duplicate driver’s licence is the same as that of the original DL. This is because the DL is the same, and you have applied for a copy of original. But you have not renewed the licence.

In this post, we will discuss about documents to apply for a duplicate driving licence, online and offline method to apply for the same, common fields in LLD form, and frequently asked questions.

Documents to Apply for Duplicate Driving License

For a duplicate driver’s licence application offline or online, here are the documents that you need:

  • The LLD application form. This form is to notify for destruction or loss of the DL. It is also an application form for a copy of DL.
  • Your age proof and address proof along with passport-sized photographs.
  • Original driver’s licence if it is torn, mutilated, or damaged.
  • Details of the licence.
  • Xerox copy (attested) of the original licence.
  • FIR from the police station reporting that the licence was damaged or stolen.

Apply for a Duplicate Driving Licence Online

Here is how you can apply for a duplicate DL online:

  • Get the Form LLD (vehicle licence application and notification form), online on Sarathi or an RTO website.
  • You need to take a printout of the document and attach your photograph, fill all the sections on the form, and sign it.
  • Visit the RTO that issued the original DL, and submit the form with required documents.
  • Make the payment and keep the payment receipt safe with you.
  • After processing of the duplicate driver’s licence application, the licence will be sent to the registered address through post.

Apply for a Driving Licence Duplicate Offline

Here is how you can apply for a duplicate DL offline from the RTO:

  • Visit the RTO office that issued you the original Driving Licence. Ask them for Form LLD (Loss or Destruction of Licence), which is the application for a duplicate Driver’s Licence.
  • Provide all the required details accurately in the form and sign it.
  • Submit the LLD form with the required documents.
  • Pay the required fee to obtain the copy of original DL. The RTO will issue a fee payment receipt. This receipt can act as your DL until you get the duplicate licence.
  • The RTO will send you the duplicate Driving Licence by post to your registered home address.

Common Details to Provide in Form LLD

You can get offline form from the Parivahan website. If you have to fill the firm online, then here are the common fields to fill up:

  • You need to enter details such as your name, address, and father’s name.
  • In the initial section, you have to select the situation due to which you require the duplicate Driver’s Licence with a date.
  • In the following section, you have to confirm and agree to the payment of fee.
  • In the third section, you have to provide the DL details such as the licence number, type of vehicle, issuing authority name, issuance and expiry date.
  • In the last section, you have to confirm if the DL was seized at any point of time.
  • Then you have to provide a declaration that the details you entered are correct.
  • At the end, you have to sign the form, and put the date and place before submission.

Frequently Asked Questions about Duplicate Driving Licence

Here are the Duplicate DL FAQs:

If your DL is still valid and not expired, then you do not have to take a driving test to get a duplicate DL.

After lodging an FIR for the loss of DL, make an application for the duplicate Driving Licence either offline or online. It is preferable not to drive your vehicle until you get the duplicate copy of the licence. If you still need to drive, make sure to carry the duplicate DL application’s payment fee receipt. Once you get the copy of DL, laminate it to prevent future damage. Scan the same and store it digitally for backup.

You need to apply for a duplicate driving licence at the Mumbai RTO from where the DL was issued instead of an RTO of Delhi.

If you lose your Learning Licence, then you need to apply for it again. To apply for a copy of a permanent driving licence due to its loss/damage/theft, then you need your LL.

If you lose your DL, visit the nearest police station to lodge a complaint. Here, the police officer will help you to lodge an FIR (First Information Report). This is a written document that notes the information about an offence. After lodging the complaint, visit a notary office and look for an affidavit stamped on a paper. This will act as a proof that you have reported the loss of DL in front of a notary public.