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My monthly salary is Rs. I pay EMI of Rs. / month I live in * My Employer’s name is I need a loan of Rs. for First Name Last Name My email Id My mobile no PAN .

* Small Cash Loan facility is currently available for Mumbai region only.| Minimum Monthly Salary Required is Rs.25,000


Today, small-sized loans are crucial to keep up with daily needs or emergencies. You may fall short of cash for buying that very important gadget, to complete a project or make that necessary home-repair, the scenarios could be endless. Borrowing from family members and friends, you think is your best option because you need monetary support urgently, thus applying with banks and NBFCs is not an option.

But, guess what? You do have an option in form of small cash loan, which is also known as payday loan to solve any economical issues within minutes or few hours. If you are a regular salaried employee, with fixed income every month, then you can easily get approval for small cash loan ranging between Rs. 10K to Rs. 50K.

A small cash loan at loanbaba.com is on par with latest technology. You as an applicant have to submit necessary documents online. No hardcopy of docs needed. Loans are available for even a few days. You receive easy digital access and comparison, can check your loan eligibility and calculate EMI- all for free.

The EMI schedule is pretty simple, and tenure can last anywhere between 30 and 90 days. You can pay off the loan in a short-time, and reduce your financial burden. What more! You get best offers and low interest rates from reputed financial institutions. Hundreds of people are taking benefit of small cash loan every day, so why look anywhere else?


Sometimes, emergencies can crop up and these do not adhere to any particular day of the month or heed to your salary credit day. These just happen! But do not worry, as with access to internet connection on smartphones, laptops, tablets etc devices, you can apply for small cash loan, which is a quick rescue from financial crisis.

No more waiting for days together for getting loan approved. No more time-consuming process of loan approval at banks. Just visit loanbaba.com for small cash loan, payday loan, and save the day! You can get instant loan up to Rs. 50,000 within less than a day or within 24 hours from your loan application approval.

Small cash loan takes less than a minute to apply for
Turn Around Time is within 24 hours, loan can be sanctioned in minutes
An immediate access to cash up to Rs. 50 thousand
Disbursal is done straight to your bank account
Completely paperless process, online, and unsecured loan

Small ticket sized loans of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000 is available. Traditional documentations such as IT returns may not be necessary. Thus, small cash loan is a single lane to take care of your financial emergencies and needs without much questions, documents or verification asked.

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