Silver Rate in Pune

Pune is a cosmopolitan city with high standards of living. This city has made itself a professional hub and a home to many professionals. With its high disposable income this city looks at silver as an interesting option for investment. The fluctuation in silver price has never stopped the people of Pune from buying it.

Silver Price Trends in Pune

Silver rate here varies depending on the global market conditions. One kg of silver costs INR 39,364.00 (as of June 2015). This rate has changed over last one year, maximum being INR 40,000.00 per kilogram and minimum of INR 36,000.00 per kilogram; it has now reached a stable price averaging it to INR 36,300.00 per kilogram.

These rates are expected to rise in the near future making it a profitable investment option for those who want to invest in silver.

Where to Buy Silver in Pune?

Silver can be bought from any of major Jewellers in Pune like Krishna Jewellers, KP Gems World, Sagar Jewellers, VS Waikar and Sons and Tikhe Saraf. One can walk into specific branches of famous banks as well to purchase the same. Local pawn shops and small jewellers are also available across the city to buy silver.

Why to Invest in Silver?

In India this precious metal is always in demand from the jewellery market. It is in demand from industrial sector as well wherever they require silver for their production procedures. Demand from industrial sector is far greater than any other sector.

Supply Vs Demand

Demand of silver is always evergreen because of nations like India and China. The supply of silver is dropping compared to its demand as this metal's natural reservoir is reducing day by day. Which means at some given point of time in future it will be difficult to find silver, resulting in price escalation of the same. Hence, long term investors in silver market will have good financial benefits.

Timing the Markets

Among the various ways to predict silver market trend, the most basic one is to wait for wedding season or a festival to come around. The demand for both silver and gold goes up during these seasons.