Silver Rate in Kolkota

Kolkata, the erstwhile British capital of India is the third largest metropolitan city of the country with over 14 million people calling it home. This city is a hub of marketing and industries making it a major contributor to investments made in the country. Kolkata has deeply rooted tradition with glorious unparalleled history of its own. It has played a key centric role since the early ages when silver was used a payment tool to enhance trade between India and rest of the world.

Silver is one of the most versatile precious metals with its multiple uses and high held value among people residing in this city. People of Kolkata are one of major consumers of silver and its fluctuating rates have never stopped or discouraged them from buying this precious metal. Silver rate here keeps varying depending on the demand and supply.

Where to get silver in Kolkata?

Buying silver in Kolkata is not hard. It can be bought from any major retailers across the town. Big well known banks also sell silver in its specific branches. There are some well-established jewellers who offer good price on silver are Jalan Debi Dutt Jewellers, Senco Jewellery Palace, Nisso's, Saraf Jewellers and Balajis. Apart from these there are a huge number of small jewellers and pawn shops selling silver across city catering to various needs of the individuals.

Below are the few signs to look for in silver article you are buying to be certain about purity and fineness of the metal purchased.

BIS Mark

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) mark is the foremost mark of silver's purity. Official logo of BIS is a small triangle with a dot inside the triangle.


The purity grade of fine silver is either of 999.9, 999.5 or just 999 for silver alloys and jewelleries. For artefacts it is 970, 925, 900, 835, and 800.

Year of Marking

The year 2008 is denoted by the alphabet J.