Silver Rate in Jaipur

Jaipur, famously known as the "Pink City" with approximately 3 million population is the largest "Special Economic Zone" (SEZ) in India. With its growing population of well-educated young adults this city is completely ready to use all the benefits of investing in silver products. Traditionally, buying precious metal like silver or gold meant buying their jewellery form. Silver was not seen as an investment option in Jaipur until recently when it started catching the limelight as a tradable commodity, which changes its value depending on market trends.

Everyone is able to now track the changes in market trends like price fluctuations, news, and various factors that affect the silver price through the internet. It helps people to compare silver rates/prices and use it to earn profits.

Silver Market trends in Jaipur

Silver rate in Jaipur fluctuates depending on various market forces like demand and supply, inflation, stock market movements etc. Over the past few months silver rate here has maintained a stable price bracket of Rs.37 to Rs.42 per gram. Silver rate trend is more stable than gold price. An investor can study these fluctuations and reasons for the same in detail to use them to his/her benefit.

Purchasing Silver in Jaipur

Anyone can buy silver coins, bars and bullions from any of the merchants or even from many available retailers like Kundan Jewellery, Arya Silver Art, Thewa Jewellery, R K Silver Emporium, B L Jewellers, Silver Jewellery (Jaipur) etc. around the city.

Some of the important things to be taken care of while buying silver are:

  • The purchase must be made from an established/certified dealer.
  • Silver must be marked, engraved or certified for its authenticity and purity.
  • The authenticity certificate must contain information like weight of the silver purchased, amount purchased for, purity and current rate of silver.