Gas Connection Process

Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG is a very versatile fuel which can be used from powering vehicles as well as providing domestic/ commercial utility. Petroleum products such as propane and butane are mixed to make LPG, which is then stored in pressurized containers.

Key uses of LPG:

LPG has many uses out of which some are stated below:

  • Fuel in automobiles
  • Cook food
  • Industrial usage- restaurants, confectionery, steel/ furniture industry, goldsmiths, cutting glass, etc

Major LPG connection providers:

The following are the three major LPG provider companies in India:

  • Indane Gas (run by Indian Oil Corporation)
  • Bharat Gas (run by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd)
  • HP Gas (run by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd)
  • Apart of these mentioned above, there are some smaller private companies like Total Gas, Super Gas.

Book LPG cylinder online:

As far as domestic and small scale commercial firms are concerned, the process of acquiring the LPG cylinder is very simple and has been streamlined to a greater extent. The three above mentioned companies supply household LPG cylinders through their exclusive distributorship network across the country. It should be noted that the prime source of LPG to the privately owned companies is also the three government owned companies stated above. So, one can easily order or book LPG cylinder by either calling the distributor or in some cases through website.

Register for a new LPG connection:

Apart from booking LPG Cylinder online, one can also enroll for a new LPG connection online too. This can be done by logging in to any of the LPG provider's website and filling in the form. For this, all you need to input is your personal details along with your phone number. Documents (identity and address proof along with photograph) can be submitted later. The initial payment can be made online through net banking or debit/ credit cards.