Aadhaar Card Application Process

Unlike other identity proofs and documents, Aadhaar cannot be applied online since it requires physical presence of the applicant for biometric approval. Yes, one can book an online approval though. Following steps need to be followed to get Aadhaar card:

  • Book an appointment online through UIDAI website. The necessary fields in the form include mobile number, number of people visiting UIDAI enrolment centre, name of the enrolment centre and date of visit.
  • After booking the appointment successfully, applicants need to visit the enrolment centre with necessary documents and submit their biometric records: fingerprints and retina.
  • Now, just after the successful verification of the information provided, applicants receive SMS and email regarding the successful approval
  • After that the Aadhaar number gets generated and is then sent to the applicant by post. However, PDF format can also be saved and printed by the applicant by accessing the UIDAI website.

Necessary Documents

One needs to carry following documents to the UIDAI centre

  • Age proof
  • Identity proof
  • Permanent residence or address proof
  • Proof of marriage
  • Apart from them, one needs to visit personally since submission of biometric data is required

Following is the list of documents that can be carried along

  • Birth certificate
  • PAN card
  • Identity card issued by the government
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Voter ID card

Forms required for Aadhaar Card

There is only a single form relating to this head which is the enrolment or correction form. The same form can be used to apply for a new Aadhaar card or any rectification in the existing Aadhaar card data. This form will collect the basic information of the applicant along with the description of the various documents attached with the form.

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