Small Cash Loan Eligibility Calculator

If you are a resident Indian citizen who is a minimum of 25 years of age and a salaried employee with at least INR 25,000 as monthly income, then you can apply for a small cash loan. Along with these criteria, you should also have a good CIBIL score. For instant cash loan program, a credit score of 600 to 650 could be sufficient, however higher the credit score, better chances of getting the loan approved.

Other Eligibility Criteria are:
  • Salary slip of 3 to 6 months
  • Healthy repayment capacity
  • Must be able to repay within 90 days or less
  • Should be employed for some good time
  • Need to borrow a minimum of INR 10,000 and maximum of INR 50,000

So, if you are the one who cuts the deal, then you can easily get a payday loan or a short-term loan. The money cannot be collected in cash; you will receive the amount as credited to registered bank account. Do not place false documents as a legal action can be taken in case the documents are fraudulent.

Fast Cash Loan Features

Out of the many benefits of small cash loan, it is evident the best is the instant disbursal of loan amount the same day of loan application. This loan scheme has proven advantageous for many, and another USP is the short repayment tenure.

As people get done with paying debts in comfortable EMIs in short time, it creates a good impact on their credit score, as well as gets rid of the debt almost immediately compared to other loans that stretch for years together.