Gold Rate Today in Kolkata

Kolkata, with a home to 14 million people, is the third largest metropolitan city in India. It has a hub of industries that involve a huge portion of the investments made in the country. People though do not prefer investing in gold for later returns; they prefer buying the same to make jewelleries or keep them at home. However, the mindset is changing with Kolkata gaining the highest GDP among all Indian cities.

Gold rate in Kolkata varies upon availability and fluctuations. The buyers can buy a 22 karat or a 24-karat gold where they get 92% purity and 99% purity respectively. Rates for the two again differ due to the purity reason.

Kolkata has a huge number of jewellers and the best gold stores in the country. Some of the popular ones to mention are DK Basak Jewellers, Reliance Jewels, Senco Gold, Anjali Jewellers, TribhuvandasBhimji Zaveri, etc. there are various small gold shops too in the state to meet individual needs.

How to find the gold rate prevailing in your city

This might surprise you, but yes, the gold rates do differ from one state to another. Apart from the transportation and import charges, there are still differences in the gold rate. One can visit online websites that talk about gold rates daily to stay updated with the relevant information. Such websites like update the gold rates twice-daily one in the morning and next in the evening.

Purchase hallmarked Gold only

BIS- Bureau of India Standards certifies the purity of gold. This checked gold is termed as hallmarked gold. The assaying centres of BIS certify the purity of gold and engrave the level like 916, 958, etc. it also adds the name of the retailer to ensure that the shopper is not duped. Thus, one should always look for hallmarked gold while shopping for gold.

There are 331 assaying centres of BIS spread throughout the country. One should be particularly careful when buying from the local jeweller and make sure that he/she buys from BIS certified jewellers only.