Gold Rate Today in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is the prominent industrial and financial place in India. It boasts the highest per capita income in the country. Located in Haryana state in India, the city possesses over 500 companies set from all over the world. The city holds over 2 million people earning their bread butter in the city. Being a highly-populated area, it is one of the top gold consumers in the country.

Gold is used in ornaments and jewelleries for a number of occasions be it a marriage, festival or a social event. Depending on the purity, gold is available at 22 karats, 24 karats varying on different weight basis be like 1 gram, 2 grams, 8 grams, etc.

22 karat gold

This is the gold which is 91.67% pure and remaining being a mixture of other alloys like silver, zinc, nickel, etc. being of a soft nature, it is used to make plain and regular jewellery rather than a studded one.

24 Karat gold

It is the purest form of gold available in the market. It has 99.95% purity. This type of gold is rarely used in jewellery as it might lose its shape under physical reassure for it does not have other alloys mixed in proper proportions.

Gold investment in Gurgaon

Investing in gold in the city can help you get a good resale value. There being huge number of experts and professional working in the city, here are the avenues feasible for customers to purchase gold from Gurgaon

  • Over the counter: these are the jewelleries shops that sell gold at competitive rates. The shopper can acquire the gold either as jewellery, gold coins, or anything else that certifies each purchases authenticity.
  • Online portals: the acquisition and sale of gold are enabled online where the portals offer information about the purity of hold and keep regular information about the rates of the metal.

Market trade investments are made in gold though gold funds, gold ETFs, etc. that are traded on stock exchange. One requires a Demat account to initiate gold trading.