Loan Portfolio Manager

The Loan Portfolio Manager is a unique feature that helps you transfer your existing Loans at current Interest Rates thus helping you save money & keep a track of all your EMI payments. It does so by sending you payment reminder via SMS and email two days before the EMI is due. Irrespective of the number of EMIs you need to pay every month, the Loan Portfolio Manager will remind you of them all. With such an automated tool, you can:

  • Easily manage your current Loans
  • Transfer Loans at lower Interest Rates and save Money
  • Avoid missed payments
  • Maintain a healthy credit score

The Loan Portfolio Manager also displays the total amount of loan and your total monthly EMI, while helping you keep a close tab on each of the loan. Enter the loan details such as its type, name of the lending institute, rate of interest, tenure, etc. to get started.

To avail this facility you can register with us for free or login with your Google or Facebook account. Simply visit the Portfolio page in your account to enter the details requested on the page.

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