Business Loan Interest Rates

Reach New Productivity And Profitability Horizons By Availing A Business Loan At offers you both secure or unsecured business loans for solving any of your business’s needs immediately. We are tied to leading banks and NBFCs in India and offer you the lowest interest rate for a business loan in India.

Our Benefits

Pre-Approved Loans

Once you avail a loan at, you are entitled to get other exclusive business loans and other loan offers from us. These loan offers will be pre-approved for you. They would provide you interesting bargains like interest rate reduction and useful finance options like top-up loans among others.

No Fore-Closure charges

You can close your loan any time you wish (after the payment of the first EMI) and would not be required to pay any other charges.

Online loan account access

Once you avail the loan at, you will be able to get all information in relation to your loan as the interest certificate, payment schedule, repayment tenures/rates and other key information online any time you wish. You will get access to a fully consumer dedicated digital portal for the same.

Interest charged on the outstanding loan amount

The interest rates on business loans are charged only on the remaining or the outstanding amount of loans so that each successive EMI of your business loans reduces the principal by a bit more than the previous one and you finish off the loan sooner.

Eligible entities for availing business loans at

At, a range of micro, small, medium and large enterprises and companies can avail small or large business loans. Private companies, public corporations, partnership firms and sole proprietorship firms are eligible for a business loan at The borrower should be engaged in a business such as manufacturing, service, retailing and trading.

At check your eligibility, browse through a range of loans available, do an online business loan interest rate comparison, research more with loads of information in the form of blogs, articles, charts, direct calls and select the business loan that is most affordable for you. We offer you highest loan amounts (up to 30 lakhs or more) and part pre-payment facility as well.