FAQ's For Home Loan

  • help_outlineWhat Is A Home Loan?

    Home Loan is a Loan taken for Purchasing/Constructing/Improving a Home. The said home in question is Mortgaged to the Lender as a collateral security.

  • help_outlineHow Much Loan Will I Get?

    The amount of Loan will depend on the Market Value of the home and the repayment capacity of the Borrower. Typically, 80% of the market value of the Home can be availed.

  • help_outlineWhat Are The Documents I Need For Taking A Home Loan?

    The documents are:

    • Application form duly filled
    • KYC (Know Your Customer) Documents:ID Proofs, Address Proofs, Photograph
    • Bank Statements, duly signed
    • Income Proof: Three years' Salary Slip/Form16/Income Tax Returns/Audit report
    • Employment Proof/Business Proof
    • Details of Builder/Reseller/Title Deed/Agreement to Sale/Sale Deed as applicable
  • help_outlineHow Long Does It Take To Process A Home Loan?

    The TAT (Turn Around Time) for a Home Loan proposal could be anywhere between 4-6 weeks. It all depends on various factors such as the title of the property, the CIBIL of the borrower, speediness in the documentation etc.

  • help_outlineWhat Is The Maximum Tenure For Which I Can Take A Home Loan?

    Currently, the maximum tenure for which you can take a Home Loan is 30 years.


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