FAQ's For Loan Against Property

  • help_outlineWhat Is Loan Against Property?

    Loan Against Property is Loan availed by keeping one or more of your properties as a Security with the Lender, in the form of a Registered Mortgage.

  • help_outlineHow Much Loan Will I Get?

    The amount of Loan will depend on the Market Value of the Property which will be mortgaged with the Bank and the Borrower's repayment capacity. Typically, the Lender will sanction upto 75% of the market value of the property.

  • help_outlineWhat Are The Documents I Need For Taking A Loan Against Property?

    The Documents are:

    • Application form duly filled
    • KYC (Know Your Customer) Documents:ID Proofs, Address Proofs, Photograph
    • Bank Statements, duly signed
    • Income Proof: Three years' Salary Slip/Form16/Income Tax Returns/Audit report
    • Employment Proof/Business Proof
    • Details of Property to be mortgaged, Title Deed, other relevant Property Papers
    • Any other documents required by the Lender
  • help_outlineHow Long Does It Take To Process A Loan Against Property?

    The TAT (Turn Around Time) for a Loan Against Property could be anywhere between 15days and a Month. It may take more time depending on various factors such as the title of the property, CIBIL of the borrower, financials of the borrower etc.

  • help_outlineWhat Is The Maximum Tenure For Which I Can Take A Loan Against Property?

    Currently, the maximum tenure for which you can take a Loan Against Property is 180 Months (15 Years).


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