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EMI or Equated Monthly Installment is the monetary amount that you pay back to the financial institutions toward the repayment of your loan in smaller installments. The EMI of your loan consists of the Principal amount with the Interest component/amount added to it. At the beginning of your EMIs repayment tenure, the interest component is high in comparison to the principal component. With time, the interest component decreases in comparison to the principal (as interest is applied to lower residual principal amount). offers a very easy to use, online home loan EMI calculator that helps you to determine quickly the EMI amount that you will be required to pay towards the repayment of your loan.

For knowing the EMI amount, you must fill in certain information here, including:

  • The loan amount that you want to avail from us
  • The duration and number of months that you will require to repay the loan
  • The rate of interest of loan that you desire or expect from the loan lenders

Comprehensive Range of Comparisons and Calculations

You can use the slider for increasing or decreasing the values in different input parameters. The resultant EMI (based on your inputs) will be displayed here on the EMI calculator. The calculator will also provide the total sum or total outgo in its interest and principal components of the loan’s entire term. offers you a modern platform where you can compare EMIs of home and other loans that are offered by multiple banks at different interest rates and choose the best option that is affordable and comfortable for you.

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