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Car Loan Eligibility Calculator provides you a car loan of up to 100% of the ex-showroom price of your car. For pre-owned cars, the limit is up to 80%. The loan tenures can extend up to 60 months or more depending on the consumer profile.

Use the car loan eligibility calculator here to know in minutes your chances of getting a car loan of maximum amount. Provide information on different personal and work aspects such as your residence’s ownership, your place/city of residence, your date of birth, make and model of the car that you wish to purchase, the ex-show room price of a chosen car or the price of the pre-owned car and employment type so that we can check the different parameters and provide you the greatest loan possible. We also offer loans to NRI applicants.

A loan applicant must have a regular source of income for applying for a car loan. He/she should fall in below mentioned categories:

Salaried Individuals- Employed in public and private sector companies.

Self Employed Professionals-Skilled professionals like doctors and lawyers, among others.

Businessmen- People who have a self-owned business related to manufacturing, retailing or services.

Others-people who have a regular source of income through other taxable means. has a fast and efficient loan disbursal process. Browse through to select the best loan for purchasing your dream car now!

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