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Karur Vysya Bank personal loan is an unsecured loan you can use to meet different expenses. Karur Vysya Bank is a reputed private sector bank in India. The personal loan that suits your needs at low rates of interest and a variety of repaying options can be availed through the bank. You can utilize the loan to meet the vast costs that your savings can't cover like your child’s dream education and wedding, providing the fund to set up a new business, or even a family occasion. These loans are highly adaptable and can be used for a range of purposes with the best offer.

A CIBIL score that is more than 700 will only qualify you to apply for the loan, however, a score over 800, and more like 900, will boost Bank's trust when it comes to your capacity to pay it back. The credit history and the way you paid back your loans are also important in helping the bank approve your loan. As this data can be found in the CIBIL credit report, it helps to evaluate your loan repaying capacities.

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Karur Vysya Bank Personal Loan Details Updated
Loan Amount Maximum Rs.100.00 Lakhs
Loan Tenure 1 year to 3 years
Interest Rate 12.95% - 15.45%

Why Choose Karur Vysya Bank Personal Loan?

Features of Personal Loans at Karur Vysya Bank

The following key points will help you understand the features and benefits of the personal loans:

Why Apply for Karur Vysya Bank Personal Loan?

Loanbaba provides comprehensive information about personal loan schemes by Karur Vysya Bank. Keep a note of this page to stay updated with recent information on this bank loan scheme. You can also quickly apply for this loan online on the bank's official website without having to visit the bank branch. It is simple and easy, and you can upload all the required documents online. Disbursal is done at the soonest, and you can keep a track of your loan application on the website.

Karur Vysya Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates

Personal Loan Karur Vysya Bank interest rate ranges between 12.95% and 15.45%, but varies as per individual profile. Keep a check on this page to note the updated Karur Vysya Bankpersonal loan interest rate for the current year.

Karur Vysya Bank Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

Personal loan eligibility may differ from one candidate to another. You can also use free-of-cost Karur Vysya Bank personal loan eligibility calculator at Loanbaba.com. The eligibility criteria for Karur Vysya Bank personal loan are discussed below:

Types of Karur Vysya Bank Personal Loans

Karur Vysya Bank has personal loan schemes for professionals and salaried individuals. The amount taken as loan can be used for either multiple or specific purposes.

Karur Vysya Bank Personal Loan FAQs

Below provided are important questions about personal loan Karur Vysya Bank.

1. What are the terms and conditions for the guarantor?

A suitable Guarantor is required who has good net worth and acceptable to the Bank (preferably family members, spouse or friends).

2. What is the processing fee charged?

The processing fee is up to 0.40% of the loan amount with applicable taxes.

3. Is any security required to avail the loan?

As primary security, demand promissory note is needed. Collateral security is subject to the satisfaction of the bank, but can include any of the following:

  • Land & Building
  • Bank Deposits
  • LIC Policies etc.

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