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Personal loan in Bangalore helps the residents of the city to support their monetary needs – planned and unplanned expenses. Bangalore being the capital city of Karnataka is one of the best IT hubs in India. It is advanced in modern technology, which has led to the city’s urbanization and an influx of migrants from all over the country in the hope for stable and lucrative job offers. The city is also known for its gardens, lakes, and a pleasant weather.

To keep up with the expenses and cost of living, at times the city dwellers seek out a personal loan to meet financial urgencies. The collateral-free loan can be opted for any expense: travel, rent, renovation, repair, wedding, medical emergency, fees for education degree, debt consolidation, clear credit card debts, home utility products, appliances, or hands on cash for just about anything. The residents can secure an amount between Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 1 crore in as less as 48 hours.

At, you can apply for personal loan Bangalore from top banks and NBFCs in the city.

Personal Loan in Bangalore Details Updated on

Loan Amount

Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 1 Crore

Loan Tenure

1 Year to 5 Years

Interest Rate

10.99% - 16.00%

About Bangalore Personal Loan

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How to Avoid Rejection of Your Personal Loan Application?

To avoid disapproval of your loan application, follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

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We, at Loanbaba offer a hassle-free experience in online application of personal loan Bangalore. Our customer support team provides expert assistance to get the best loan deal for your monetary requirement. On our website, you can compare, select, and apply for the loan in simplest manner – easy and minimal documents, application in less than 2 minutes! Here are a few other benefits our online platform offers to every loan applicant:

Frequently Asked Questions about Bangalore Personal Loans

Below-given are FAQs on Bangalore personal loan:

1. What are the benefits of a personal loan in India?

Indian citizens can take a personal loan for any monetary expense. There is no collateral or guarantor required to obtain the funds. Only minimal documents are required to apply for the loan. The amount is also disbursed in a short time to the borrower. Flexible repayment options are also available.

2. How much can I borrow?

You can borrow an amount between Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 1 crore based on your personal loan eligibility. You can use Loanbaba’s loan eligibility calculator to understand the approximate amount to expect from financial institutions you apply with. The quantum of finance provided depends on your repayment capacity, age, credit score, and income.

3. What is a balance transfer facility?

A balance transfer is a facility where you can transfer the amount left to be paid on the loan to another bank/NBFC from the existing financial institution. The new financial institution provides you the balance transfer option if your repayment record has been good with the previous lender. The new bank/NBFC then pays off the balance amount on the loan to the loan lender. After the transfer is completed, you have to continue the repayments with the new lender, usually at a lower rate of interest.

4. Can you add a co-applicant to the loan?

There is no need to have a co-applicant for this loan. Also, you do not need a guarantor to obtain the funds.

5. How much is the processing fee?

The processing fee is between 1% and 3% of the borrowing amount. Taxes if any are applicable over and above this amount.

6. What is the process for fund disbursal?

Fund is disbursed by the bank/NBFC to the borrower’s bank account. No in hand cash is offered to the person. Personal loan disbursal process happens after approval of the loan application and determination of the loan amount. It can take 2 days or more to send the amount to the borrower’s account.

7. How much time is provided to repay the loan?

The tenure of personal loan is between 1 year and 5 years. The tenure is decided upon the loan amount, rate of interest, your age, income, and repayment capacity.

8. How much time it takes for a bank or NBFC to disburse the amount?

It can take up to 48 hours or more to disburse the amount after approval of the loan application. In a few cases, the loan can be processed faster, especially if the customer has an account or investment in the financial institution, making verification of documents and other procedures, simpler.

9. What are the personal loan prepayment charges?

To prepay a personal loan, the lending institution can apply prepayment charges ranging between 2% and 6% on the outstanding principal amount, along with the GST. There are a few banks and NBFCs however that may exempt these charges on prepayment, but there are also lenders that do not offer the option of prepayment at all.

10. How the tenure affects the personal loan EMIs?

The longer the tenure, lower will be the monthly EMIs and vice-versa. But if possible, you must select a shorter tenure, because this way you can reduce the total interest payout. Though on a shorter tenure the EMIs will be bigger, subsequent reduction on the total cost of the loan becomes an advantage for you.